Qwan’Tez Stiggers: From CFL Glory to NFL Phenom

Qwan'Tez Stiggers: From CFL Glory to NFL Phenom

The 2024 NFL Draft brought a heartwarming tale as the Jets made a significant move in the fifth round by selecting cornerback Qwan’Tez Stiggers with pick No. 176. Stiggers, unlike most draftees, didn’t have a college football background but embarked on a unique path to the NFL.

Hailing from Atlanta and initially planning to play at Lane College, Stiggers faced a setback when the 2020 season was canceled due to COVID. Tragedy struck when his father passed away following a car accident, prompting him to take a break from football to focus on his mental well-being.

During this hiatus, Stiggers explored different jobs until his mother introduced him to the Fan Controlled Football league, reigniting his passion for the game. This unexpected venture led him to the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL, where he shined bright with five interceptions and earned the title of Most Outstanding Rookie.

Stiggers’ remarkable journey didn’t go unnoticed, catching the attention of NFL scouts after his stellar performance in the CFL. The Jets, impressed by his skills, brought him in for a visit that culminated in his selection during the draft.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity, Stiggers highlighted the support he received from the Jets’ coaching staff, particularly cornerbacks coach Tony Oden. The bond they forged made the Jets feel like home to Stiggers, fostering a sense of belonging and determination to prove himself.

Despite not being drafted in his preferred round, Stiggers is determined to showcase his talent and make a significant impact for the Jets throughout the upcoming season. He exudes confidence and a strong work ethic, vowing to make the team regret passing him over earlier in the draft.

Qwan’Tez Stiggers’ story serves as a reminder of resilience, perseverance, and the power of believing in oneself. From overcoming personal tragedy to seizing unexpected opportunities, his journey exemplifies the grit and determination required to pursue one’s dreams against all odds. As Stiggers prepares to embark on his NFL career, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the next chapter of this inspiring tale unfold on the football field.


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