Jonah Laulu Overjoyed by Colts Draft Call: A Dream Come True

Jonah Laulu Overjoyed by Colts Draft Call: A Dream Come True

Jonah Laulu couldn’t believe his ears when the call came through. The standout defensive tackle from Oklahoma, with a track record of persistence, finally saw his NFL dreams materialize in the form of a call from Indianapolis Colts’ general manager, Chris Ballard.

At first, Laulu’s disbelief colored his reaction. ‘That’s not a prank call, is it?’ he cautiously questioned Ballard, seeking reassurance. A moment fraught with anticipation and doubt quickly turned into joy as Ballard confirmed the unbelievable news. ‘It’s not a prank call, I promise you,’ Ballard chuckled heartily, breaking the tension.

Drafted in the seventh round at No. 234 overall, Laulu’s journey to the NFL had its share of twists and turns. From his days at Hawaii, where he racked up impressive stats before transferring to Oklahoma, Laulu’s dedication to the sport remained unwavering.

During his tenure at Oklahoma, Laulu showcased his skills, recording three tackles for a loss and one sack in his final season. A pivotal figure on the Sooners’ defense, Laulu’s contribution helped the team secure a notable spot in the final AP poll, emphasizing his impact on the field.

Looking back at his 2022 performance, Laulu’s versatility and talent were evident. With 5.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, and a remarkable 26-yard interception return, he proved his worth on the gridiron, setting the stage for his NFL aspirations.

Transitioning from college football to the big league, Laulu’s draft by the Colts marks a milestone in his athletic career. His dedication, hard work, and resilience have culminated in this significant moment, emphasizing the possibilities that await him in the NFL.

As Laulu ventures into this new chapter, the Colts’ faith in his abilities serves as a testament to his talent and potential on the field. With his past achievements and commitment to the sport, Laulu is poised to make a mark in the NFL landscape, representing the culmination of years of perseverance and dedication.

With the 2024 NFL Draft buzz in full swing, Laulu’s story adds a compelling narrative, showcasing the triumph of determination and passion in the face of challenges. As the gridiron beckons, Laulu’s journey from Hawaii to Oklahoma and now to the NFL exemplifies the essence of chasing one’s dreams and turning them into reality.


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