Bo Nix Goes 12th in NFL Draft to Denver Broncos: A Surprise?

Bo Nix Goes 12th in NFL Draft to Denver Broncos: A Surprise?

Excitement and joy filled the air as Bo Nix, the former Oregon quarterback, embarked on a life-changing journey at the 2024 NFL Draft. Bo Nix’s wife, Izzy Nix, expressed her elation on Instagram after the Denver Broncos picked him 12th overall. Reflecting on their journey, Izzy shared, ‘The day I met Bo, he told me about this God-sized dream of his. I will never stop praising the Lord for His faithfulness or have enough words to express how proud I am of you, Bo. Overjoyed and honored to join Broncos country!’ Bo and Izzy, who got married in 2022, were inseparable during the draft process, standing united as Bo transitioned into his new role as the Broncos’ quarterback.

In his introductory press conference, Bo Nix revealed his determination to prove himself not just as a draft pick but as a valuable asset to the team. He emphasized his commitment to showcasing his skills and helping the Broncos secure victories. Nix, chosen as the sixth quarterback in the first round, joins a quarterback room led by Jarrett Stidham and former Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. Ready to embrace the responsibility bestowed upon him, Nix acknowledged the Broncos’ trust in him, stating, ‘[They] could’ve picked anybody else in this draft, and [they] chose me. But with that comes great responsibility and one that I can’t take lightly and I won’t take for granted.’

The frenzy of quarterbacks in this year’s draft saw the Bears pick Caleb Williams first overall, the Commanders select Jayden Daniels second, and the Patriots acquire Drake Maye at third. The Falcons surprised many by drafting Micahel Penix Jr. at No. 8 shortly after signing Kirk Cousins to a major deal. With the Vikings trading up for J.J. McCarthy at No. 10 and the Broncos making an ‘arrogant pick,’ according to draft expert Todd McShay, the NFL landscape witnessed significant quarterback movements and choices.

Bo Nix’s journey to the NFL included a successful career at Auburn before transitioning to Oregon, where he showcased his skills, throwing for 4,508 yards, 45 touchdowns, and three interceptions in 2023. Demonstrating his prowess on the field, Nix is poised to make his mark with the Broncos and prove his worth in the league. Despite differing opinions on his selection, Bo Nix remains committed to excelling in his new role with the Denver Broncos, eager to contribute to the team’s success and fulfill his dreams in the NFL.


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