Broncos Shock: Team Declines Zach Wilson’s Fifth-Year Option!

Broncos Shock: Team Declines Zach Wilson's Fifth-Year Option!

The Denver Broncos made a significant decision regarding their quarterback lineup, opting not to pick up the fifth-year option on Zach Wilson’s rookie deal. Reports indicate that Wilson, a former first-round pick who started his NFL journey with the Jets, may become a free agent after the 2024 season.

The potential fifth-year option would have guaranteed Wilson a sizable sum of $22.408 million for the 2025 season, according to ESPN. However, the Broncos chose to give Wilson the opportunity to prove himself in the upcoming season, providing him with the chance to showcase his skills after a challenging stint in New York. During his time with the Jets, Wilson faced difficulties, throwing 23 touchdown passes, 25 interceptions, and maintaining a 57 percent completion rate over three seasons.

The turning point came in the recent season when Wilson struggled following an injury to Aaron Rodgers early in the 2023 campaign. His performance during this period showcased the need for improvement and growth.

Denver’s decision not to extend Wilson’s contract opens the door for other quarterbacks on the team, including Ben DiNucci and Jarrett Stidham. Moreover, the Broncos secured Oregon quarterback Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick in the draft, underlining their commitment to exploring all options at the quarterback position.

Head coach Sean Payton expressed his enthusiasm about the incoming quarterbacks, highlighting the competitive environment that will shape the team’s future. “They’re all going to compete,” Payton stated, emphasizing the importance of fostering healthy competition among the quarterbacks on the roster.

Despite the change in their quarterback lineup, Payton voiced his contentment with the addition of Wilson to the team. He spoke highly of Wilson’s potential, recognizing the former No. 2 draft pick’s talent and qualities that could benefit the Broncos moving forward.

The acquisitions of Wilson and Nix mark a fresh chapter for the Broncos, signaling a new era for the team’s quarterback strategy. This pivot follows the departure of Russell Wilson, who recently joined the Pittsburgh Steelers after his tenure with the Broncos did not materialize as expected. The Broncos are now poised to embrace change and forge a path towards success with a revamped quarterback corps.


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