Josina Anderson Leaves CBS: A Veteran NFL Reporter’s Exit

Josina Anderson Leaves CBS: A Veteran NFL Reporter's Exit

Veteran NFL reporter, Josina Anderson, recently announced her departure from CBS Sports in a heartfelt post on Tuesday. Anderson, who joined CBS Sports back in 2021, expressed her gratitude to the network for the valuable experience she gained during her time there. In a tweet, she mentioned moving on amicably to pursue new ventures, wishing her colleagues the best in their future endeavors.

Anderson’s association with CBS Sports began after leaving ESPN in 2020, where she had established herself as one of the network’s top NFL reporters, appearing on popular shows like “SportsCenter” and “NFL Live.” Following a successful nine-year stint at ESPN, Anderson brought her expertise to CBS, primarily serving as an NFL insider for CBS Sports HQ.

Her departure from ESPN paved the way for a new chapter at CBS, where she made her debut in September 2021. Over the next two and a half years, Anderson flourished in her role, even becoming a contributor on Skip Bayless’ show, “Undisputed,” on FS1. Despite her successful tenure, reports emerged that Anderson had not been on the show for several months, indicating a shift in her career path.

Excited about the opportunity, Anderson expressed her eagerness to contribute to a show with an established reputation, emphasizing her intention to bring a blend of credibility and femininity to the platform. She seemed thrilled about engaging with the show’s talented team and looked forward to the new dynamics her presence would bring.

Aside from her broadcasting roles, Anderson, aged 45, has delved into the podcasting world with “Undefined with Josina Anderson.” While the podcast has been on hiatus since August 2023, it served as another platform for Anderson to share her insights and engage with listeners on a more personal level.

Moreover, Anderson is part of “TheCREW,” a YouTube show focused on football, providing yet another outlet for her passion for the sport. Collaborating with renowned rapper Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan on a show last September, Anderson continues to explore different avenues to connect with her audience and showcase her love for football.

As Josina Anderson bids farewell to CBS Sports, her legacy as a respected NFL reporter and media personality remains intact. Her journey from ESPN to CBS has been marked with success, growth, and the unwavering dedication she has shown in her coverage of the NFL. While her future endeavors remain unknown, one thing is certain: Josina Anderson will continue to leave a lasting impact in the world of sports journalism, captivating audiences with her expertise and charisma.


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