Shedeur Sanders’ Draft Plummets Amid Social Media Uproar

Shedeur Sanders' Draft Plummets Amid Social Media Uproar

Shedeur Sanders, the highly touted quarterback prospect, is finding himself in hot water as his draft stock takes a hit following a social media spat with a former teammate. Initially considered a strong contender to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, Sanders has seen his odds decrease significantly, moving from an opening line of +100 to +300 on DraftKings.

Despite still holding onto the top spot, albeit with less certainty, Sanders faces stiff competition from Carson Beck at +500 and Quinn Ewers at +600.

The controversy arose when safety Xavier Smith, who has since transferred to Austin Peay, criticized Deion Sanders’ coaching approach, prompting Shedeur Sanders to defend his father by belittling Smith as ‘very mid.’

This drama coincides with the Colorado Buffaloes’ aggressive recruitment tactics, leading to tensions within the college football community.

Albert Breer, a prominent NFL reporter, expressed concerns over Shedeur Sanders potentially damaging his draft prospects by publicly clashing with former colleagues, a move that could impact his market value.

In an unexpected turn, Deion Sanders revealed plans to orchestrate Shedeur’s destination in a similar fashion to Eli Manning’s draft maneuver in 2003. Manning famously steered clear of the Chargers, ultimately forging a successful career with the New York Giants.

With Shedeur’s future hanging in the balance, all eyes are on his upcoming season with the Colorado Buffaloes, as a strong performance could solidify his position as a top draft pick.

As the football world eagerly awaits the unfolding saga of Shedeur Sanders, one thing remains clear: the young quarterback’s journey to the NFL is shaping up to be a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with anticipation and speculation.

Stay tuned as Shedeur Sanders navigates the turbulent waters of collegiate athletics, aiming to emerge victorious and secure his rightful place among football’s elite prospects.


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