Pegula’s Ownership Shake-Up: Health Fights & Business Shifts!

Pegula's Ownership Shake-Up: Health Fights & Business Shifts!

In a surprising turn of events, Bills owner Terry Pegula has shuffled team ownership dynamics, involving his daughter Laura, following his wife Kim’s challenging health ordeal. According to The Athletic, Terry, at 73 years old, transferred a portion of the Bills to Laura last year. This transfer occurred shortly after Terry assumed guardianship of Kim, who suffered a heart attack in 2022. Formerly, Terry and Kim equally owned the Bills and also held ownership of the Buffalo Sabres.

The Pegula family, including Jessica Pegula, Laura’s step-sister, has been actively engaged in both franchises. Laura, aged 41, Terry’s daughter from a prior marriage, emerged as a prominent figure representing the family at critical events. Notably, she stood in for the family during NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s address at the owners’ meetings in Orlando. Her presence has notably increased over the past year, participating in diverse activities such as Q&A sessions with Bills and Sabres staff.

Despite Laura’s growing involvement, The Athletic’s report revealed internal uncertainties within the organizations. Employees, including top executives, expressed confusion regarding Kim’s health prognosis and Laura’s evolving role within the franchises. Kim, as per a long-time family associate, is unlikely to resume her previous responsibilities within the front offices.

The family’s challenges extend beyond health issues. Tennis star Jessica Pegula publicly shared details about her mother’s condition in a heartfelt essay last year. Kim, now 54, faces expressive aphasia and memory difficulties, making communication a struggle. Jessica highlighted Kim’s remarkable recovery and resilience as inspiring amid these adversities.

Interestingly, Jessica’s revelation coincided with changes in the business realm. Following the publication of Jessica’s essay, Terry reportedly dismissed her husband, Taylor Gahagen, from his role as the director of corporate development. Meanwhile, Laura’s ascension within the ownership structure of the Bills unfolded during the same period.

As the Pegula family navigates personal and professional challenges, the dynamics of team ownership continue to evolve. Laura Pegula’s increased presence signals a new chapter for the Bills and Sabres, shedding light on the intricate balance between family matters and business decisions in the world of sports ownership.


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