Jets Nab WR Malachi Corley in Aggressive 2024 NFL Draft Move

Jets Nab WR Malachi Corley in Aggressive 2024 NFL Draft Move

It looked like a scene out of the movie “Draft Day.

A behind-the-scenes video released by the Jets on Wednesday showed general manager Joe Douglas furiously working the phones to try to move up during the 2024 NFL Draft to land wide receiver Malachi Corley. In a clip of dramatic moments, Douglas is seen making offers to several teams, including at one point the Bills. The intense negotiations were captured vividly as a dialogue unfolded, with the Jets’ war room discussing potential trades. ‘If it comes to it Buffalo is looking to get up from 60,’ someone in the Jets’ war room mentions, prompting Douglas to inquire further: ‘They’re looking to get out? OK,’ Douglas responds.

The high-stakes phone calls continued as Douglas explored various trade options to secure Corley, a promising wide receiver target. Despite facing challenges in finding a willing trade partner, Douglas persisted in his efforts, demonstrating determination and strategic thinking throughout the process. The video showcased the meticulous planning and quick decision-making required in the fast-paced environment of the NFL Draft.

The tension mounted as the video shifted to Douglas communicating with another team, likely the Bills, regarding a potential trade. ‘We’re at pick 72,’ he states in the clip, recognizing the logistical hurdles in reaching an agreement. Undeterred by setbacks, Douglas remained resolute in his pursuit, acknowledging the reluctance of teams to move back to pick 72.

Amidst the flurry of negotiations, the moment of triumph arrived when the Jets struck a deal with the Panthers to acquire Malachi Corley. The elation was palpable as team owner Woody Johnson sought confirmation from Douglas: ‘We’re going to do it,’ Johnson inquired, to which Douglas confidently replied, ‘Yep.’ The collaborative effort and unwavering commitment of the Jets’ front office culminated in a successful trade that secured a promising talent for the team.

The excitement reverberated through the Jets’ organization as they welcomed Corley aboard, paving the way for a new chapter in their offensive arsenal. The elation extended to renowned quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who expressed enthusiasm over the team’s acquisition of Corley, highlighting the impact of the trade on the Jets’ future prospects.

Malachi Corley’s impressive collegiate record and potential for excellence on the field further fueled the anticipation surrounding his arrival in New York. Drawing comparisons to established NFL stars, Corley’s accomplishments at Western Kentucky underscored his skill and playmaking ability, setting the stage for a dynamic partnership with the Jets.

In a heartwarming exchange captured in a separate video, Douglas conveyed his excitement and admiration to Corley, emphasizing the receiver’s integral role in the team’s vision. ‘Dawg, I am so freakin excited,’ Douglas enthused, welcoming Corley with anticipation. The genuine enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by Douglas reflected the team’s belief in Corley’s talent and the impact he is poised to make on the field. As the Jets gear up for the upcoming season, the addition of Malachi Corley stands as a testament to the team’s strategic maneuvering and commitment to securing top-tier talent for sustained success in the NFL.


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