Laura Pegula Rising: New Face in Bills Ownership Amidst Crisis

Laura Pegula Rising: New Face in Bills Ownership Amidst Crisis

The Pegula family’s ownership of the Buffalo Bills has taken an intriguing turn as Terry Pegula, the team’s owner, has involved his daughter Laura in team ownership in light of his wife Kim’s health challenges. Last year, Terry, aged 73, transferred a portion of the Bills to Laura just three days after becoming Kim’s guardian following her heart attack in 2022.

Previously, Terry and Kim shared a 50-50 ownership of the Bills along with owning the Buffalo Sabres. Laura, 41, Terry’s daughter from his first marriage, has emerged as a more prominent figure within the franchises over the past year. She represented the family during NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s address at the owners’ meetings and actively participated in team events and announcements.

Despite Laura’s increased involvement, there remains uncertainty among employees, including executives, regarding Kim’s prognosis and Laura’s exact role in the organizations.

This shift in ownership dynamics comes amidst Kim Pegula’s ongoing health battle, which has been described as challenging by their daughter, Jessica Pegula, a tennis star. Jessica revealed that her mother is coping with expressive aphasia and memory issues, making communication difficult but emphasizing her remarkable recovery and resilience.

In a poignant essay for The Players’ Tribune last February, Jessica shared insights into her mother’s condition and the family’s coping mechanisms. She highlighted the challenges Kim faces in verbal expression and memory recall, underscoring the immense patience required to communicate with her.

Beyond the personal struggles, the Pegula family has faced professional upheavals as well. Following Jessica’s revelation in the essay of her future leadership roles in the franchises, her husband, Taylor Gahagen, was reportedly fired by Terry as the director of corporate development.

Interestingly, during this period, Laura’s role expanded as she was granted an equity stake in the Bills, marking a significant shift in the team’s ownership structure.

As Laura Pegula takes on a more involved position within the Bills organization, the Pegula family’s ownership saga continues to evolve, reflecting both personal and professional challenges and adjustments. The story of Laura’s increasing role in team ownership amidst the backdrop of Kim Pegula’s health struggles adds a layer of complexity to the narrative surrounding the Buffalo Bills and the Pegula family’s legacy in sports ownership.


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