Phil Simms’ Next Move: Life Beyond ‘The NFL Today’

Phil Simms' Next Move: Life Beyond 'The NFL Today'

Phil Simms, the seasoned broadcaster, is setting his sights on new opportunities after his unexpected exit from ‘The NFL Today.’ At 68 years old, Simms, known for his 26-year stint at CBS Sports, remains optimistic about what lies ahead in the ever-evolving world of sports broadcasting.

In a recent interview with Front Office Sports, Simms expressed his interest in potentially exploring another TV role. Despite acknowledging the challenges his age might pose in the industry, he hinted at his enthusiasm for future endeavors. The former Giants quarterback’s departure, alongside Boomer Esiason, has sparked discussions within the sports media community regarding age as a determining factor in such decisions.

Michael Kay, from ESPN Radio, raised questions about the role of age in the shakeup at CBS, pointing out the extensive tenures of the departing broadcasters. Kay’s concerns resonated with many, emphasizing the importance of fair treatment based on merit rather than age.

While whispers of a network revamp surfaced earlier this year, Simms remained committed to his craft, expressing his dedication to staying connected to football, whether through commentary or other avenues within the NFL landscape. With a podcast alongside his son Matt, a former Jets quarterback, Simms remains actively engaged in the world of sports and broadcasting.

Despite the industry’s focus on youth, Simms remains undeterred, stating, “There’s always tons of things to talk about in the NFL, and I love talking about it. So I’m not going to stop. OK? When I hit 80, I’ll make a decision.” His attitude reflects a passion for the game that transcends age-related challenges.

As Simms transitions to a new phase post-‘The NFL Today,’ his dedication to NFL commentary remains unwavering. While the broadcasting landscape evolves with new faces like Matt Ryan and JJ Watt joining the scene, Simms continues to find his place in the industry he has been a part of for decades.

With commitments to guest radio appearances and his podcast ‘Simms Complete,’ the veteran analyst assures fans that his insights into the NFL will persist. Despite the changes in his broadcasting roles over the years, Simms’ enduring love for football shines through as he anticipates what the future holds for his illustrious career.


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