Boomer Esiason Reveals Why He Left CBS’s ‘The NFL Today’

Boomer Esiason Reveals Why He Left CBS's 'The NFL Today'

Boomer Esiason, the well-known WFAN host and former New York quarterback, isn’t losing sleep over being replaced on CBS’s “The NFL Today”. In fact, he had been considering leaving sooner rather than later. Esiason, 63, expressed during an interview on “The Dan LeBatard Show” that he is aiming for a better work-life balance.

Esiason mentioned, “I was more than happy to step aside. I had my time there. I loved that seat, cherished talking to football fans every Sunday, but there comes a time when you have to find some time for yourself. And this was the right time.” While he announced his departure from CBS’s flagship NFL show, he secured a long-term deal to continue on the radio with Gregg Giannotti.

His fellow former New York quarterback, Phil Simms, 68, also announced his departure from CBS after a remarkable 26-year tenure. Matt Ryan and J.J. Watt will be stepping in to fill the void left by Esiason and Simms.

Esiason revealed that if CBS had wanted him back, he would have considered returning for one more year at most. Reflecting on his decision, he mentioned, “When Sean McManus, who hired me back in 2022, announced his retirement as CBS Sports chairman, I felt it was a natural transition. I wanted to say something at the Super Bowl, I didn’t think it was appropriate. I knew that Phil (Simms) did not want to retire from this particular show, I was ready. 22 years, I have not had a weekend in 40 years… for me, it’s been a great run.”

Esiason described his time at CBS as a “great run” but was prepared for it to conclude. Despite his controversial takes over the years, he expressed gratitude for his experience at the network. He noted, “Not one person at CBS, not one boss, not one producer, not one director ever came to me and said, ‘Maybe you should back off with that kind of criticism.’ I’ve had a number of controversial topics that we had to deal with in the NFL over the last 20 years. So I loved my time there, I have no ill will toward anybody.” Boomer Esiason’s departure marks a significant change for the CBS show, leaving fans curious about the future dynamics of “The NFL Today” without his familiar presence.


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