Ex-Chicago Bears QB Bob Avellini Dead at 70: Remembering a Legend

Ex-Chicago Bears QB Bob Avellini Dead at 70: Remembering a Legend

CHICAGO — The football world mourns the loss of Bob Avellini, the former Chicago Bears quarterback who, alongside the legendary Walter Payton, steered the Bears to the playoffs in 1977. Avellini, aged 70, succumbed to cancer, as confirmed by the Bears.

In the illustrious 1977 season, Avellini and Payton showcased their athletic prowess, with both players delivering standout performances. Despite finishing with a 9-5 record, the Bears secured a wild-card playoff spot as the Minnesota Vikings clinched the division title in the NFC North.

During the playoffs that year, the Bears faced the Dallas Cowboys, suffering a tough 37-7 defeat. Avellini’s arm strength shone as he threw 11 touchdown passes and amassed a career-best 2,004 yards, albeit with 18 interceptions. On the other hand, Payton, a force to be reckoned with, rushed for over 1,800 yards and notched 14 touchdowns.

Over his nine-season career from 1975 to 1984, Avellini demonstrated his prowess on the field, amassing 7,111 passing yards with 33 touchdowns and 69 interceptions across 73 games. Hailing from New York, Avellini entered the NFL alongside Payton, both drafted by the Bears in 1975. While Payton was a top-four pick, Avellini was chosen in the sixth round out of Maryland.

Bob Avellini’s contribution to the Chicago Bears’ legacy and his partnership with Walter Payton will forever hold a special place in football history. As fans and fellow players mourn his passing, his impact on the game and the team’s journey to the playoffs in 1977 remain cherished memories in the hearts of Bears supporters and the broader NFL community.


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