Pegula Family Shakeup: Laura’s Rising Role in Team Ownership

Pegula Family Shakeup: Laura's Rising Role in Team Ownership

Bills owner Terry Pegula has made significant changes within the family’s team ownership structure. In response to his wife Kim’s health battle following a heart attack in 2022, Terry transferred a portion of the Bills’ ownership to his daughter Laura, as reported by The Athletic. This move came just three days after Terry became Kim’s guardian, emphasizing the family’s commitment to adapting in challenging times.

The Pegulas previously shared equal ownership of the Bills, alongside owning the Buffalo Sabres. Laura Pegula, Terry’s 41-year-old daughter from his first marriage, has stepped into a more prominent role within the franchises. Representing the family at NFL events, Laura recently appeared at Commissioner Roger Goodell’s state of the league address, demonstrating her increasing involvement in team affairs.

Laura’s heightened presence includes participation in Q&A sessions with team personnel, such as the Bills and Sabres employees. Notably, she stood out as the sole family member present when the Sabres introduced Lindy Ruff as their new head coach. Despite her growing influence, there remains some uncertainty among employees, particularly regarding Kim’s health status and Laura’s evolving responsibilities.

In contrast, Jessica Pegula, another daughter of Terry and Kim, shared insights into her mother’s condition last year. In an essay for The Players’ Tribune, Jessica revealed that Kim, now 54, struggles with expressive aphasia and memory issues. Despite these challenges, Jessica praised her mother’s resilience and gradual recovery, highlighting Kim’s determination as a driving force behind her progress.

While Jessica discussed her future involvement in overseeing the Bills and Sabres post-retirement, changes within the family continued. Following the publication of Jessica’s essay, Terry opted to terminate her husband Taylor Gahagen from his role as director of corporate development. Concurrently, Laura received an increased stake in the Bills, marking a significant shift in the family’s business dynamics.

As Laura Pegula takes on a more active role in team ownership, the Pegula family’s commitment to their sports franchises remains unwavering. These internal adjustments reflect a blend of familial support and strategic business decisions amid challenging circumstances. The Pegulas’ enduring dedication to their teams underscores the importance of adaptability and unity in navigating unforeseen challenges within the realm of sports ownership.


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