US Split on TikTok Ban: 42% Back Federal Move

US Split on TikTok Ban: 42% Back Federal Move

A recent survey conducted by Talker Research revealed that 42% of Americans support the U.S. government’s decision to ban TikTok. The study, which polled 2,000 individuals, found that only 23% opposed the ban, while 31% had no strong opinion on the matter.

Surprisingly, despite 42% of Gen Z and 35% of millennials being regular TikTok users, a significant portion of them (36% and 40% respectively) supported the ban. This intricate play of opinions highlights the complexity of the issue.

The research was conducted shortly before President Biden signed the bill that gives ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, nine months to sell the platform or face a ban in the U.S. Interestingly, only 25% of respondents believed the bill would directly impact them, with 45% feeling unaffected by its passage.

Parents expressed significant concerns about their children using TikTok, with 47% admitting worries about the platform. Specifically, 21% considered the idea of their child using TikTok as ‘very’ worrying.

Among the top parental concerns were the potential exposure of children to inappropriate or disturbing content (58%) and fears of them developing an obsession with the app (51%). Additionally, data privacy (44%) and the risk of cyberbullying (43%) were cited as major worries.

Other apprehensions included concerns about what children were sharing online, who they were interacting with, and the app affecting their attention spans. These findings emphasize the multifaceted nature of parental unease regarding TikTok.

In contrast, only 20% of parents surveyed felt that their child using TikTok posed no significant concerns. This divergence in perspectives among parents underscores the varying levels of apprehension surrounding the popular video-sharing platform.


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