Historic Milestone: First Passenger Flies in Flying Car!

Historic Milestone: First Passenger Flies in Flying Car!

A flying car company, KleinVision, made headlines this week as they accomplished a historic feat in transportation: conducting the world’s first car flight with a passenger onboard. The renowned French electronic musician, Jean-Michel Jarre, became a pioneer in the skies as he soared through Slovakia in the AirCar, captivating spectators with this glimpse into the future of travel.

The momentous flight, which saw Jarre cruising through the air twice, was a surreal experience not only for him but for all witnesses present. Expressing his excitement, Jarre shared with Sky News the seamless transition from speaking to the driver to being airborne, labeling it as an awe-inspiring adventure.

Video footage released by KleinVision showcased the sleek and innovative AirCar speeding down a runway on four wheels before effortlessly taking flight like a scene from a science fiction movie. Professor Stefan Klein, the mastermind behind the transformative vehicle, designed it to shift from a conventional automobile to a seamlessly integrated aircraft in just minutes.

KleinVision’s visionary team has set their sights on releasing the AirCar to the market in approximately a year, aiming to revolutionize personal transportation. The vehicle’s cutting-edge design and functionality pave the way for a new era where cars can transcend the limits of the road and venture into the skies.

Operating on a 1.6-liter BMW engine for now, KleinVision has its sights set on a greener future, aspiring to transition to battery-powered technology once it matures. The AirCar boasts impressive capabilities, reaching speeds of up to 120 mph and ascending to altitudes of 8,000 feet, as reported by The Sun.

Anton Zajac, the co-founder of KleinVision, expressed optimism about the forthcoming market launch, emphasizing the symbolic freedom that cars represented half a century ago. Zajac envisions bridging the gap between terrestrial and aerial travel, ushering in a new age of mobility and exploration.

Beyond KleinVision’s milestone, the realm of flying cars is gaining momentum globally. In the United States, Alef Aeronautics, backed by SpaceX, secured nearly 3,000 pre-orders totaling over $850 million for its Model A flying car. This futuristic two-seat vehicle, unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, is an electric vertical takeoff and landing craft capable of achieving speeds of up to 110 mph in the air and 35 mph on the ground.

While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted limited air travel approval for the Model A, further authorization from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is pending to enable its terrestrial operation. The FAA’s recent publication, ‘Urban Air Mobility: Concept of Operations 2.0,’ envisions a future with ‘air taxis’ traversing corridors between vertiports established in urban centers and airports, illustrating a paradigm shift in urban transportation planning and execution.


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