Alert: Fake Apps Promise Death Date Prediction – The Truth

Alert: Fake Apps Promise Death Date Prediction – The Truth

Search for your death date — at your own peril. Creators of Life2vec, the scarily accurate death calculator invented by US and Danish scientists, are warning of a new threat to those curious about learning when they kick the bucket — copycat “de-terminator” apps that hijack personal information.

For the uninitiated, Life2vec works by using ChatGPT technology to foretell when people will bite the dust based on select details from an individual’s life — including income, profession, residence, and health history. This digital prophet of doom can determine life expectancy correctly 78% of the time.

Unveiled in December, Life2vec is not yet available to the general public or corporations — the software is stored at Statistics Denmark — but that hasn’t stopped opportunists from trying to cash in on the macabre prognosticator. These counterfeit de-terminators often try to commandeer email addresses, phone numbers, credit card details, and other sensitive info — they can even infect devices with malware.

The creators of Life2vec have warned the public to beware of bootleg websites imitating their creation that ‘have nothing to do with us.’ They reiterated that they are not affiliated with any entities claiming to use their technology.

To test out the AI’s algorithm, the team examined a heterogeneous subject population of 6 million Danish people between 2008 and 2020. The AI was fed specific information about each study participant to make predictions, using hyperspecific digital tokens to calculate their approximate date of death. Life2vec was able to accurately predict who had passed away by 2020 most of the time.

In other words, forecasting someone’s expiration date was not a roll of the “die.” The team stressed that none of the study participants were provided their death predictions, as the purpose of the technology is to understand what can and cannot be predicted rather than satisfy morbid curiosity.

It’s important to remain cautious when dealing with such tools and to verify the legitimacy of websites and apps claiming to predict personal outcomes. Always prioritize your online privacy and security to prevent any misuse of your sensitive information by unauthorized parties. Stay safe and informed when navigating the digital realm to protect yourself from potential threats and risks associated with emerging technologies.


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