Apple’s Record Share Buyback Sparks Market Frenzy!

Apple's Record Share Buyback Sparks Market Frenzy!

Shares of Apple soared in premarket trading following the tech giant’s announcement of a record-setting buyback program after surpassing Wall Street’s second-quarter earnings projections.

Apple revealed on Thursday that its board authorized a remarkable $110 billion in share repurchases, marking a 22% increase from last year’s authorization of $90 billion, as reported by Bloomberg. This move stands as the largest buyback value ever announced in US history.

In 2018, Apple made a significant move towards this record by authorizing $100 billion in share repurchases, according to Bloomberg. The recent announcement coupled with the news that Apple’s revenue for the recent quarter hit $90.8 billion, albeit a 4.3% decrease from the previous year, has reassured investors.

The company’s positive results come amidst a challenging smartphone market in China where Apple has witnessed sales decline in five out of the last six quarters. Despite this, the latest earnings report proved to be a relief for many investors as Apple’s stock rallied by 7% in extended trading.

Following the earnings release, shares continued to climb in premarket trading, showing a more than 6% increase. Last month, Apple faced the setback of being surpassed by Samsung as the world’s number one phone maker according to research firm IDC.

Apple did not provide specific guidance for the rest of fiscal year 2024 but hinted at anticipating double-digit growth in iPad sales for the current quarter. The Services division, comprising subscriptions, warranties, licensing fees, and Apple Pay, is also expected to experience continuous growth.

Despite reporting a net income of $23.64 billion, a 2% decline from the year-ago period, Apple’s earnings were affected by slumping iPhone sales. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, acknowledged the weak demand for the latest iPhone models, the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, released in September.

Additionally, sales of other Apple products like the Apple Watch and AirPods also dipped by 10% year-over-year. However, Mac sales showed a 4% increase, attributed to the upgraded M3 chip in the new MacBook Air models.

Due to the new chip, Mac laptops now boast improved camera quality, faster Wi-Fi support, and an impressive 18-hour battery life. The M3 chip also enables users to connect up to two external displays, a step up from the previous model’s capacity for only one external screen when the laptop lid is open.

Apple’s recent financial moves and product enhancements indicate a strategic shift to maintain its market position despite facing challenges, ensuring investors remain optimistic about the tech giant’s future performance.


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