Brad Parscale Unveils ‘Campaign Nucleus’: The Future of AI in Politics

Brad Parscale Unveils 'Campaign Nucleus': The Future of AI in Politics

Former Donald Trump aide Brad Parscale has unveiled his own artificial intelligence platform named Campaign Nucleus following his pivotal role in the former president’s digital strategy back in 2016. Parscale, a key figure in Trump’s 2016 campaign, was responsible for engaging scandal-laden British political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, to bolster Trump’s campaign through targeted Facebook advertisements.

Two years post-Trump’s ascension to the presidency, revelations surfaced regarding Cambridge Analytica’s payment to a Facebook app developer for accessing the personal data of approximately 87 million users on Meta’s platform. This data was subsequently utilized to tailor campaign messages to target voters.

The aftermath of the 2018 scandal resulted in a $725 million settlement, allocating compensations to eligible US Facebook users spanning from mid-2007 to December 2022. With an average payment of $30 for each of the 28 million claimants, the repercussions of the privacy breach continued to unravel.

Venturing into a new chapter, despite Parscale’s new AI initiative, he still remains an unseen force guiding Trump’s White House ambitions. Campaign Nucleus has already secured over $2.2 million in combined contributions from Trump’s circle, including the Republican National Committee and affiliated political action and fundraising entities, as disclosed by campaign finance records.

Despite constituting a modest fraction of Trump’s overall campaign expenditure, Parscale intents to extend his services to collaborate with prominent Republicans and senior RNC officials, an insider familiar with his plans revealed to the Associated Press.

Operating on AI technologies to decipher voter sentiments and curate tailored emails, Campaign Nucleus not only garnered the attention of Trump’s campaign but also secured a collaboration with US House Speaker Mike Johnson’s campaign.

Expanding its reach beyond US borders, Parscale reportedly enlisted conservative leaders from Israel, the Balkans, and Brazil to leverage Campaign Nucleus for their respective political agendas.

Although Parscale is not actively involved in the day-to-day campaign proceedings of Trump’s anticipated reelection bid, the GOP platform, citing an anonymous source, hinted at Parscale’s influence’s subtlety within the campaign’s realm.

Conflicting with Trump’s investment in Campaign Nucleus, the presumptive presidential nominee reiterated concerns over AI, branding the technology as ‘scary’ and ‘dangerous’ during a Fox News interview earlier in the year.

While Parscale has accumulated substantial financial backing from GOP entities, including Trump’s faction, his operational involvement in the campaign remains limited. Despite reports suggesting otherwise, Trump’s campaign spokesperson clarified that they do not utilize tools provided by any AI company, emphasizing the use of proprietary algorithmic tools to optimize email dissemination and factual information verification, mirroring the approach of several other contemporary campaigns nationwide.

Amidst queries seeking clarification, representatives of Campaign Nucleus refrained from immediate responses to inquiries submitted by The Post, leaving room for further exploration into Parscale’s AI venture.


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