Jack Dorsey Quits Bluesky Board After Backing Elon Musk’s X!

Jack Dorsey Quits Bluesky Board After Backing Elon Musk's X!

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, has made headlines once again in the tech world. This time, it’s not about his social media platforms but his involvement with Bluesky, a social networking startup he co-founded. Recently, Dorsey announced his resignation from the board of Bluesky in an unexpected move. This decision comes as he publicly endorsed Elon Musk’s X, referring to it as ‘freedom technology.’

Dorsey’s departure from Bluesky was revealed through a post on X, where he simply answered ‘no’ to a question about his board membership. In the same post, he emphasized the importance of ‘open protocols,’ highlighting the significance of transparency and accessibility in software development, much like how blockchain technology operates.

The relationship dynamics between Dorsey and Musk have been under scrutiny, especially after Dorsey sold Twitter to Musk. Dorsey’s X post hinted at a reconciliation with Musk, contrasting his previous skepticism regarding Musk’s ownership of Twitter. Dorsey’s push for ‘freedom technology’ reflects his belief in empowering individuals rather than relying on corporations for rights.

Bluesky, founded by Dorsey in 2019 with initial funding from Twitter, aims to revolutionize the social internet landscape by offering users more control and freedom from traditional platforms. Although the project launched in early 2023 for iOS users and later for Android, it has faced challenges in gaining significant traction amidst evolving tech trends.

Musk’s vision for X as ‘the everything app’ resembles China’s WeChat, integrating various features like messaging, social networking, and mobile payments. Despite comparisons to Twitter, Bluesky distinguishes itself by prioritizing ‘algorithmic choice,’ enabling users to personalize their content feed rather than being dictated by a singular algorithm.

While Bluesky initially garnered attention during its beta phase, it now competes with emerging alternatives like Meta’s Threads in the realm of social networking innovation. With Dorsey’s departure from Bluesky’s board and his vocal support for Musk’s endeavors, the tech community anticipates further developments in the ever-evolving landscape of digital platforms.


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