Gen Z Pioneers: Embracing AI Influencers in New Media Era

Gen Z Pioneers: Embracing AI Influencers in New Media Era

Gen Z, known for being tech-savvy and trendsetters, is leading the way in embracing artificial intelligence (AI) influencers. A recent study revealed that Zoomers are more open to brands utilizing AI influencers over human influencers, marking a significant shift in influencer marketing trends.

According to Sprout Social’s 2024 Influencer Marketing Report, only 35% of Gen Z consumers prioritize authenticity in influencers, unlike previous generations who place a higher value on genuineness. This shift hints at a changing landscape where virtual influencers are gaining popularity.

In a move that symbolizes this digital transformation, an AI influencer announced plans to host a TV show, showcasing the integration of AI in mainstream media []. This development has sparked concerns among social media influencers, with 49% expressing fears of AI influencer encroachment on their livelihoods.

The study, which surveyed 2,000 participants from the US and UK, including 300 social media influencers, revealed intriguing insights. While half of Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers emphasized authenticity, Gen Z displayed a higher inclination towards AI influencers. Gen Z stands out as 46% more interested in companies using AI influencers, suggesting a significant receptiveness to this futuristic marketing approach.

Gen Z’s preference for AI influencers may stem from their focus on popularity, with 47% considering an influencer’s follower count important. This mindset aligns with the digital age’s emphasis on metrics and online presence as indicators of influence and credibility.

Overall, the study found that 37% of respondents would be more interested in brands employing AI influencers, while another 37% expressed concerns about the trustworthiness of such endorsements, leaving a portion indifferent to the shift.

The apprehension among social media influencers is palpable, reflecting the industry’s evolving dynamics. Nearly half of influencers surveyed worry about the threat AI influencers pose to their roles, highlighting the professional insecurities arising from technological advancements in influencer marketing.

While the rise of AI influencers introduces new challenges and uncertainties for human influencers, it also signals a transformative phase in social media marketing. Gen Z’s enthusiastic embrace of AI influencers underscores the generation’s adaptability to technological innovations, shaping the future of influencer dynamics and brand collaborations in the digital sphere.


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