TikTok Exec’s Toxic Culture: Harassment Claims Emerge

TikTok Exec's Toxic Culture: Harassment Claims Emerge

A senior executive at TikTok, Tobias Henning, responsible for overseeing the app’s operations in Central Europe, has been placed on leave following multiple complaints of fostering a toxic work environment. Reports suggest that women subordinates have faced bullying, ‘mansplaining,’ and sexual harassment under his management.

Henning, serving as the general manager of TikTok’s operations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, allegedly created such a hostile environment that a pregnant employee avoided interactions with him, fearing it could harm her unborn child.

Complaints obtained by The Post reveal shocking accounts from female employees, with one describing Henning as ‘unhinged’ after a confrontational one-on-one meeting. Following these complaints, Henning was put on leave as TikTok investigates the allegations.

Staffers in TikTok’s German offices were informed of Henning’s leave while the company delves into the accusations. The complaints from several women in Berlin offices outline instances where Henning’s behavior led to emotional distress and tears, with mood swings and disrespectful treatment cited as common occurrences.

One former staffer reported instances of misogynistic behavior, sexual harassment, derogatory comments, and lack of respect from Henning. Allegations also highlight the company’s inadequate response when the incidents were brought to the human resources department, suggesting a failure to support affected employees.

Another female employee detailed a troubling encounter where pressure exerted by Henning during a meeting led to psychological distress and concerns about jeopardizing her pregnancy. The complaints further cited instances where Henning humiliated his direct reports in public and imposed unreasonable restrictions on their professional activities.

Despite the serious nature of the complaints, Henning has not responded to requests for comment. TikTok, prior to his suspension, emphasized its strict policies against discrimination and harassment, affirming a commitment to addressing concerns raised by employees.

The complaints submitted to TikTok Germany’s works council, an internal governing body representing employee interests, have shed light on the alleged misconduct within the company. Such revelations underscore the challenges faced by women in the workplace and the need for swift and effective responses to ensure a safe and supportive work environment.

As TikTok grapples with these internal challenges, the broader context of workplace dynamics and the treatment of employees in the tech industry come into sharp focus. The company’s response to these allegations and the actions taken following the investigation will be closely monitored not only by its workforce but also by industry observers and advocacy groups.

This latest controversy adds to a series of allegations and legal actions against TikTok, raising questions about the company’s commitment to addressing misconduct and fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity. As the investigation unfolds, the implications for TikTok’s reputation and future operations remain uncertain, emphasizing the importance of accountability and transparency in corporate environments.


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