Apple CEO Faces Backlash Over iPad Ad Destroying Instruments

Apple CEO Faces Backlash Over iPad Ad Destroying Instruments

Apple CEO Tim Cook faced intense backlash for approving an ad showcasing the destruction of instruments in the company’s latest iPad commercial. Titled ‘Crush!,’ the 60-second spot featured a giant hydraulic press crushing a piano, guitar, trumpet, arcade game, turntable, and more, set to Sonny & Cher’s ‘All I Ever Need Is You.’ Despite promoting the slim design and advanced features of the new iPad Pro, the ad triggered outrage on social media.

Critics denounced the commercial as ‘tone-deaf,’ accusing Big Tech of undermining creativity and disrespecting the legacy of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs. The ad’s imagery of crushed artistic symbols led to comparisons with book burnings and sparked concerns about the impact of AI technology on human creativity. Musicians and industry professionals condemned Apple’s message, highlighting the discord between the company’s past advocacy for creativity and the recent commercial’s portrayal of destruction.

Notable figures like actor Hugh Grant and songwriter Crispin Hunt expressed disappointment, questioning the company’s motives and artistic sensibilities. Social media users echoed these sentiments, criticizing the ad for its insensitivity towards creators and the creative process. Despite the controversy, Apple has not yet responded to the criticism.

The video controversy coincides with Apple’s efforts to revive interest in its iPad lineup amid a sales downturn. The company reported a 17% revenue decline in the iPad segment, falling short of analysts’ projections. The latest iPad Pro, priced at $999 for the 11-inch version and $1,299 for the 13-inch model, represents a significant price increase compared to its predecessor. In addition, Apple also introduced an updated iPad Air starting at $599.

As Tim Cook faces scrutiny over the divisive ad, concerns linger about the direction of Apple’s marketing strategies and the potential impact on consumer perception. The juxtaposition of creativity and destruction in the commercial has reignited debates about tech companies’ societal responsibilities and the boundaries of artistic expression in advertising. With stakeholders awaiting Apple’s response to the public outcry, the intersection of technology, creativity, and ethics remains a focal point of discussion within the industry.


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