Saudi Man in Rikers for Diplomat Wife Abuse Seeks Freedom

Saudi Man in Rikers for Diplomat Wife Abuse Seeks Freedom

A shocking case has gripped Manhattan as Bandar Alharbi, a Saudi man charged with heinous crimes against his diplomat wife, seeks release from Rikers Island, claiming the prison’s conditions are ‘traumatizing.’ Alharbi, 33, faces charges of rape, assault, stalking, and endangering a child, dating back to his arrest on August 9, 2023. According to records, Alharbi’s abusive behavior towards his wife, an ambassador from Bahrain, began early in their marriage, escalating to physical violence and threats, even in the presence of their young child. Prosecutors revealed chilling details of the abuse, including instances where Alharbi allegedly headbutted his wife, leading to hospital visits for stitches, followed by more violence upon her return.

The situation reached a breaking point in April 2023 when Alharbi threatened his wife with a gruesome photo and menacing words, pushing her to seek help and ultimately file for divorce, fleeing to Bahrain with their son. Despite initially enjoying diplomatic immunity, this was revoked, setting the stage for legal repercussions. Alharbi, now in custody at Rikers Island without bail, is making a plea for release, stating he was assaulted and subjected to appalling conditions at the jail, including being stabbed and forced to clean sewage from his cell with his clothes.

His petition to be freed from Rikers highlights the alleged mistreatment he endured, prompting a closer look at his background. Alharbi, an aircraft technician and owner of real estate and a restaurant business, seeks bail to the tune of $250,000, with support from his parents and the Saudi government. Despite promising assets and proposed plans for rehabilitation, questions loom over his requested release and the city’s response to his claims. As the legal process unfolds and Alharbi’s fate hangs in the balance, the haunting tale of abuse and alleged trauma continues to unfold, shedding light on the complexities of justice and the harrowing experiences faced by victims and perpetrators alike.


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