Arrest in Bakersfield: Threats to Lawmakers Lead to Protester’s Capture

Arrest in Bakersfield: Threats to Lawmakers Lead to Protester's Capture

A tense situation unfolded at a Bakersfield, Calif., city council meeting when Riddhi Patel, an anti-Israel protester, was taken into custody for making chilling death threats against local lawmakers. During the public comments portion of the meeting, Patel, a self-identified non-binary individual, unleashed a torrent of menacing words aimed at Mayor Karen Goh and council members. The trigger for these threats was the installation of metal detectors at City Hall amidst anti-Israel protests.

In a heated tirade, Patel brazenly declared, ‘You guys want to criminalize us with metal detectors? We’ll see you at your house, we’ll murder you.’ The gravity of the situation was underscored by Patel’s alarming statements reported by KGET. Furthermore, Patel’s fury extended to the lawmakers’ stance on a ceasefire resolution concerning Israel’s conflict with Hamas.

In a disturbing outburst, Patel condemned the officials, exclaiming, ‘You guys are all horrible human beings and Jesus probably would have killed you himself. I hope one day somebody brings the guillotine and kills all you motherf—-rs!’ The intensity of Patel’s words, as captured by, left a chilling impact on all those present.

Following the alarming threats, Mayor Karen Goh characterized the rhetoric as a direct menace. Subsequently, Patel was escorted out of the chambers by the police. The repercussions of Patel’s actions were swift, as law enforcement officials took decisive steps to address the situation.

According to inmate booking records, Patel faces a formidable legal battle. The charges levied against Patel include a staggering 18 counts of making terroristic threats and threatening state officials. The severity of the accusations, as documented by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, paints a grim picture of the consequences facing the arrested protester.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Patel remains in custody, with a daunting $1 million bail set. The community watches with bated breath as authorities handle the aftermath of the unsettling incident. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as the legal system navigates the complexities of this troubling episode in Bakersfield.


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