Ex-Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Punching TikToker in NYC

Ex-Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Punching TikToker in NYC

A one-time down-ballot mayoral candidate found himself in hot water after allegedly punching a TikToker in the face in Manhattan. Skiboky Stora, residing in East New York, was charged with randomly striking 23-year-old social media personality Halley Kate as she strolled around Chelsea at 10:20 a.m. on March 25.

Instead of laying low, Stora took to social media to amplify the situation. He posted a video on Instagram featuring a podcaster discussing recent assaults on women in New York City. In a concerning turn of events, Stora not only showcased these discussions but also vented his frustration by targeting an NYPD detective, accompanying his post with insulting emojis.

The detective in question, Gene T Ruda from the 10th Precinct of NYPD’s west side in Manhattan, became the subject of Stora’s ire. Publicly, Stora disparaged the police force, leaving many puzzled about his motivations and intentions behind such actions.

The incident seems to be part of a larger series of assaults on women in the city, with around a dozen victims reporting being punched in the face recently to law enforcement. Despite this trend, authorities confirmed that Stora has not been linked to any other similar attacks.

This surprising turn of events raises concerns about safety and accountability within communities. It also serves as a reminder of the impact of the actions one chooses to take, especially in a public and digital space. As the investigation unfolds, the public awaits further developments regarding the consequences Skiboky Stora may face for his alleged involvement in this disturbing incident.


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