Breaking: Severe Thunderstorms Sweep Through Northeast States!

Breaking: Severe Thunderstorms Sweep Through Northeast States!

While Saturday had a wintry feel in the Northeast, a swift storm system is set to emerge from the Great Lakes, bringing the potential for showers and thunderstorms on Sunday. According to the FOX Forecast Center, thunderstorms are anticipated to form late morning through the afternoon, moving across the region from the northwest to the southeast. The Storm Prediction Center has identified communities from the eastern Ohio Valley to western Massachusetts as being in danger of encountering strong to severe storms. Places like State College and Scranton in Pennsylvania fall under NOAA’s Level 3 out of 5 severe storm threat zone. The primary risk is expected to be damaging winds, with a chance of brief tornadoes and hail in the most intense storms. Around 34 million individuals are under the ‘possible’ threat zone, with 2 million falling into the ‘very likely’ region. Thankfully, the threat of severe thunderstorms is predicted to diminish significantly after sunset along the I-95 corridor as storms lose strength. Cities such as Philadelphia, New York, and Boston are on the periphery or just beyond the ‘possible’ threat zone for severe weather. Depending on the location where the initial round of showers and thunderstorms develops, additional rainfall could occur over the eastern Ohio River Valley. While significant flash flooding is not anticipated, numerous water gauges along the Ohio River and its tributaries are currently at flood stage, making them susceptible to worsening water levels with any further precipitation.


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