NYPD Cop Axed After Misusing Resources & Filing Vile Grievances

NYPD Cop Axed After Misusing Resources & Filing Vile Grievances

A veteran city cop, Aram Bhairam, faced the consequences of his actions after being booted from the force for inappropriate behavior. Records reveal that Bhairam not only made offensive 311 complaints about his boss but also misused the NYPD database by checking up on ex-girlfriends and doing favors for relatives.

During his time as a probationary sergeant, Bhairam used the department’s internal computers excessively, running license plates for personal reasons. Shockingly, he tracked his cousin’s car 158 times over a year-and-a-half while on duty, as per online NYPD disciplinary records. Additionally, Bhairam was found guilty of making disparaging remarks about NYPD Lt. Marlene Hernandez under the guise of a disgruntled resident.

The troubling behavior continued as Bhairam filed fake 311 calls about his boss and resorted to spying on ex-girlfriends through the police database. In one complaint, he expressed sympathy for fellow officers who had to deal with his boss’s attitude, using insulting language. This ultimately led to Bhairam’s dismissal after an Internal Affairs Bureau investigation.

Despite claiming that his derogatory 311 calls were meant as jokes in response to perceived ridicule, Bhairam’s actions were deemed unacceptable by NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban. The misuse of department resources, including running unauthorized queries on ex-girlfriends and acquaintances, constituted serious violations that led to his termination after 14 years on the force.

The investigation into Bhairam’s misconduct unraveled a pattern of repeated database access between December 3, 2020, and May 12, 2022. He confessed to checking on ex-girlfriends’ cars and searching the arrest histories of romantic partners multiple times, indicating a clear breach of protocol. Moreover, Bhairam admitted to running license plates for friends and family, often to verify summonses or driving privileges.

While Bhairam attempted to justify his actions by citing cultural influences, Commissioner Caban remained resolute in upholding disciplinary standards within the NYPD. The department’s stance reflected a zero-tolerance approach towards misuse of resources and inappropriate conduct, reinforcing the importance of professional integrity in law enforcement. Bhairam’s case serves as a reminder of the accountability expected from officers entrusted with upholding the law, emphasizing the need for ethical behavior and adherence to departmental guidelines in fulfilling their duties.


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