Netflix’s Ramones Punk Movie in Legal Tug-of-War: Details Inside!

Netflix's Ramones Punk Movie in Legal Tug-of-War: Details Inside!

Relatives of punk legends the Ramones are embroiled in a legal battle that puts a Netflix movie about the band at risk. The feud involves guitarist Johnny Ramone’s widow, Linda Cummings-Ramone, and singer Joey Ramone’s brother, Mitchel Hyman, over the film and the band’s merchandise.

The dispute revolves around the upcoming Netflix movie starring Pete Davidson as the band’s iconic singer, set to be based on Hyman’s memoir ‘I Slept with Joey Ramone.’ Although Cummings-Ramone accused Hyman of cutting her out of the film and merchandising deals, Hyman clarified that the movie isn’t a traditional band biopic but rather a story about Joey’s battle with OCD and his inspirational journey.

The Ramones, an iconic punk band formed in 1974, have a rich but tumultuous history. Founder members Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy left a lasting impact on rock music despite facing commercial struggles. Only Joey and Johnny remained until the band’s retirement in 1996. Over the years, their influence grew, leading Joey Ramone’s estate to sell a share of his music rights for $10 million in 2022.

The current legal battle between Hyman and Cummings-Ramone stems from their roles in Ramones Production, Inc., the company overseeing the band’s work. Each inherited 50% of the company, sparking clashes over control and the band’s legacy. Cummings-Ramone emphasized her commitment to protecting the Ramones’ heritage, a duty she feels bound to honor per Johnny’s wishes.

In response, Hyman and his manager Frey fired back with a counter lawsuit, accusing Cummings-Ramone of aiming to manipulate the narrative, seeking fame, and undermining the band’s integrity. The clash intensified with disputes over the movie deal and accusations of threats and compromising footage.

The legal turmoil has cast a shadow over the Netflix project. While Hyman expressed concerns about the situation potentially affecting the film, Netflix has remained silent on the matter. As the battle ensues, Pete Davidson, set to portray Joey Ramone, has yet to comment on the escalating feud.

Despite the discord, Hyman remains optimistic about the Ramones’ legacy, drawing parallels to the enduring popularity of bands like The Beatles despite controversies. He believes the band’s music will prevail, acknowledging that while some may revel in the scandal, true fans will continue to cherish the Ramones’ iconic sound, regardless of the legal drama.

As the legal duel ensues, fans anxiously await the fate of the Netflix movie and the resolution of the conflict threatening to overshadow the Ramones’ legendary status.


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