Sopranos Star Unmasks Celebrities’ Silence on Biden Policies

Sopranos Star Unmasks Celebrities' Silence on Biden Policies

Emmy-winning actress Drea de Matteo, famous for her role in ‘The Sopranos,’ recently shared her views on prominent celebrities’ reluctance to speak against Biden’s agenda. In a podcast interview with Donald Trump Jr. on ‘Triggered,’ de Matteo expressed how many celebrities, including herself, oppose Biden’s policies but hesitate to voice their opinions.

De Matteo, an advocate against cancel culture, highlighted her change in stance on issues like illegal immigration. Previously sympathetic towards illegal immigrants, she shifted her views due to the border crisis. Discussing mass illegal immigration, she questioned the intentions of able-bodied men crossing the border, emphasizing the need to prioritize American citizens’ interests.

During the podcast, Trump Jr. mentioned meeting some of de Matteo’s former co-stars who held conservative views but chose to remain silent. De Matteo acknowledged the presence of Hollywood actors critical of leftist policies yet hesitant to step forward like her. Despite considering herself a liberal, she has long opposed extreme leftist trends but only recently started openly discussing her views.

Feeling compelled to speak out after being ‘thrown to the wolves,’ de Matteo emphasized the importance of freedom and unity based on genuine beliefs rather than forced unity advocated by the current administration. She criticized the Biden government for exploiting social issues to serve its political agenda, leading to further division among people.

De Matteo highlighted the fear prevailing among Hollywood personalities who are reluctant to challenge the administration on sensitive topics like race and gender. She expressed skepticism about engaging in discussions with liberals, citing the impossibility of winning such debates. According to her, the administration has exacerbated various social issues, making people in Hollywood apprehensive about expressing dissent.

De Matteo’s bold stance sheds light on the internal conflicts within the entertainment industry and highlights the challenges faced by celebrities wanting to voice dissenting opinions. While she continues to advocate for freedom of speech and critical thinking, her revelations offer a unique perspective on the complexities of navigating political discourse in the public eye.


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