Cold Case Cracked: ‘Midtown Jane Doe’ Identified by NYPD

Cold Case Cracked: 'Midtown Jane Doe' Identified by NYPD

After two decades of mysterious entombment, the NYPD’s Cold Case Squad has finally unraveled the enigma surrounding ‘Midtown Jane Doe’ found encased in cement. The skeleton of a woman discovered at a former Hell’s Kitchen hot spot in 2003 has been identified as Patricia Kathleen McGlone, a teenage girl from Brooklyn who vanished in the late 1960s. Detective Ryan Glas led the exhaustive investigation, combining traditional detective work with cutting-edge forensics and genealogy techniques.

McGlone, believed to be strangled and bound before being cemented into a building’s basement, has been a haunting puzzle for years. The identification breakthrough came when DNA analysis linked her to a 9/11 victim sharing the same first name. Following advancements in DNA technology, detectives traced McGlone’s family tree to a distant cousin in Florida, leading to her positive identification.

Glas meticulously pieced together McGlone’s past, revealing she grew up in Sunset Park, briefly attended school before marrying in her teens, and subsequently disappeared. Now, with the victim’s name uncovered, the focus shifts to finding her killer, possibly linked to the Hell’s Kitchen location.

The relentless pursuit of truth involved a dedicated team, including Lt. Michael Saccone, retired Detectives Gerard Gardiner and Robert Hahn, forensic experts Linda Doyle and Dr. Angela Soler, among others. The investigation continues under the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, aiming to bring closure to a long-standing mystery and seek justice for ‘Midtown Jane Doe.’


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