Man Receives 13 Years for Burying Wife Alive in Attack

Man Receives 13 Years for Burying Wife Alive in Attack

A Washington state man, Chae Kyong An, received a chilling 13-year sentence for a gruesome crime that shocked the community. An, 54, admitted to brutally beating, stabbing, and using duct tape to bind his estranged wife, Young An, despite her desperate pleas during the terrifying 2022 incident. The victim’s courage was on display as she managed to make a life-saving call to 911 using her Apple Watch before being buried alive in a shallow grave by Chae in the woods. Young An recalled the haunting words of her attacker, ‘I don’t need anything. Today, I’m going to kill you,’ highlighting the sheer horror of the situation.

During Chae Kyong An’s sentencing, Young An emotionally recounted how she begged him to stop, emphasizing the impact on their children. She endured a harrowing 12-hour ordeal trapped in the grave before summoning the strength to free herself. The prosecution and victim requested a severe sentence, which was supported by the defense as part of a plea deal. Chae pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder in March, acknowledging his appalling actions.

Chae’s defense attorney shed light on his client’s struggles with mental illness and PTSD, underscoring the role these conditions played in the tragic events. Describing Chae as homeless, cut off from support, and grappling with inadequate treatment, the attorney painted a picture of remorse and regret in the perpetrator’s daily life. Chae, expressing deep remorse, wished he could rewrite the past and avoid the fateful day altogether.

A Thurston County Judge handed down a near-maximum sentence to Chae, including a strict no-contact order with Young An. The judge addressed the severity of the crime, highlighting the horrors of preventing help, assaulting, restraining, and burying a person alive. Although justice was served with the sentencing, the focus shifted to the victim’s healing process. The judge commended Young An’s strength and bravery, acknowledging the unimaginable fear and suffering she endured. Offering hope for closure, the judge aimed to pave the way for emotional and mental recovery for both the survivor and her children, marking a crucial step towards moving beyond this traumatic chapter.


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