Mother Demands $40M After Daughter’s Brutal Attack in Yonkers

Mother Demands $40M After Daughter's Brutal Attack in Yonkers

A shocking incident unfolded at Yonkers Montessori Academy when a 13-year-old student, identified as E.W., was viciously attacked by fellow students and parents on school grounds. The terrifying ordeal, captured on video, showed four parents and a grandparent encouraging a classmate to assault the teenager.

The victim’s mother, Alenna Merritt, has taken legal action, seeking $40 million in damages due to what she alleges as negligent supervision by the school. In an interview, E.W. expressed feeling frightened and alone during the attack, recounting the harrowing experience of being verbally and physically assaulted while no one came to her aid.

Upon reviewing the video evidence, the family’s attorney, Mark Shirian, suggested that the attack stemmed from a case of mistaken identity, with the assailants targeting E.W. instead of her friend.

The distressing footage captured the assailants hurling verbal abuse at E.W. before one of them physically assaulted her, as other parents watched nonchalantly. E.W. was left to defend herself against the aggression, sustaining severe physical, emotional, and psychological injuries in the process.

Alenna Merritt, appalled by the lack of supervision, has vowed to press charges against the adults involved in the assault. The Yonkers Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Nancy Rosa, 55, on various charges including assault and endangerment of a child.

In response to the incident, Merritt has withdrawn her daughter from the school, opting for remote learning under the care of a tutor for the remainder of the academic year. She has also secured a spot for E.W. at a private all-girls catholic school for the next term, prioritizing her daughter’s safety and well-being.

This disturbing incident is not the first time Merritt has raised concerns about the school. Earlier this year, she filed a legal claim alleging sexual harassment against the staff, indicating a pattern of neglect in ensuring the safety of students.

The appalling lack of intervention during the assault has raised suspicions of possible retaliation against Merritt for her previous legal actions. Both Merritt and Shirian have called for immediate and decisive action from the school to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

As the investigation unfolds, the family’s legal team plans to pursue further legal action against the school entities and potentially the involved parents once the criminal proceedings conclude. The case underscores the critical need for stringent measures to protect students in educational settings and hold accountable those responsible for such egregious acts of violence.

Requests for comments from the concerned parties including Nancy Rosa and the school representatives have so far gone unanswered.


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