SD Governor Faces Backlash for Shooting Her Hunting Dog

SD Governor Faces Backlash for Shooting Her Hunting Dog

South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem, faced intense backlash after revealing she shot her 14-month-old hunting dog, Cricket, calling it a ‘hard and painful’ decision. Noem defended her actions, citing the state law that allows dogs attacking livestock to be put down. She explained that Cricket had displayed aggressive behavior by biting people, leading her to make the tough choice. Even though the incident occurred 20 years ago, the revelation sparked outrage, especially after excerpts from her upcoming memoir surfaced.

In her book, ‘No Going Back,’ Noem shared another account of shooting a ‘less than worthless’ puppy, emphasizing that the decision showcases her strong leadership and ability to make difficult decisions. This narrative caused a stir online, with critics questioning her judgment and compassion towards animals. Despite the criticism, Noem remained steadfast in justifying her actions, stating that tough decisions are part of farm life and highlighting the recent euthanization of three horses as an example.

The controversy stirred heated debates on social media platforms, with comments condemning Noem’s actions flooding her posts. Some users labeled her as ‘garbage,’ while others criticized her for glorifying the killing of animals. Many speculated that the revelation could harm her political aspirations, including the rumored possibility of being former President Donald Trump’s running mate.

Noem, who is an enthusiastic hunter known for sharing pictures of her hunting trophies on social media, maintained her stance in a Facebook post. She reiterated that she takes full responsibility for her decisions, whether in ranching or politics, emphasizing the importance of following the law and demonstrating responsible behavior as a parent, dog owner, and neighbor. Despite the backlash, she defended her controversial choices as necessary, even when they are ‘hard and painful.’

While Noem’s actions have polarized opinions, her unwavering commitment to making tough choices has become a focal point in discussions about her leadership. As she navigates through the fallout of the controversy, her ability to address criticism and stand by her decisions will remain under scrutiny, potentially shaping her future political trajectory. With Noem being a prominent figure in South Dakota politics and a speculated contender for significant roles in national politics, her actions regarding Cricket are likely to leave a lasting impact on her reputation and public perception.


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