Musician Blames Delta for Destroyed Guitar: A Viral Tale

Musician Blames Delta for Destroyed Guitar: A Viral Tale

Move over Pete Townshend! Delta Airlines has been accused of smashing a musician’s Martin acoustic guitar, with the instrument found in splintered remains after a flight. Unlike rock legend Townshend, who famously destroyed guitars, musician Madi Diaz, 37, was shocked to discover her beloved guitar in ruins.

Truly devastated by the damage, Diaz took to social media to express her despair, calling out Delta Airlines for their actions. She shared photos and a video showcasing the extent of the destruction, emphasizing the sentimental value of her 20-year-old guitar. The memories associated with the instrument, from college days to touring with Harry Styles, were now shattered.

In a heartbreaking Instagram post, Diaz revealed that the guitar held special significance, with years of songs, tours, and records connected to its strings. She lamented the careless handling that led to its irreparable damage, especially noting the sentimental attachment of having taped Harry Styles’ song “Medicine” to the guitar.

The video posted by Diaz captured the moment of realization as she inspected the broken guitar, pointing out that even the fragile sticker on the case had been tampered with. Fans rallied behind Diaz, expressing outrage at the airline’s negligence, with many questioning how such destruction could occur.

Delta Airlines responded to the incident, apologizing to Diaz and promising to address the issue. In a statement to The Sun, they acknowledged the damage caused to the musician’s instrument and expressed a commitment to rectifying the situation. Despite the apology, Diaz and her supporters await further clarification from both Delta and the singer herself.

The unfortunate episode serves as a reminder of the responsibility airlines bear towards passengers’ belongings and the emotional value they may hold. While musicians like Pete Townshend may intentionally smash guitars for artistic expression, the unintentional destruction of a musician’s instrument strikes a different chord. As the story unfolds, the music community stands in support of Diaz, advocating for accountability and respect for musicians’ valuable tools of creativity.


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