US Filmmaker Assaulted by Anti-Israel Mob at CUNY Campus

US Filmmaker Assaulted by Anti-Israel Mob at CUNY Campus

One New Yorker’s attempt to wave the American flag on a college campus turned into a nightmare when Ami Horowitz, a self-described ‘guerrilla journalist,’ faced violence from anti-Israel protesters at CUNY’s City College of New York. Horowitz arrived at the pro-Palestinian encampment armed only with the US flag, triggering a violent reaction from the protesters. Despite capturing the chaotic incident on video, the footage did not reveal the events leading to the altercation. Horowitz expressed his shock at being attacked by over a dozen individuals for simply carrying a flag.

The filmmaker is known for his viral videos exposing ‘indoctrination’ in higher education. His aim at CUNY was to shed light on the hatred within the encampments, but he was met with unexpected violence from what he describes as competing ‘mobs.’ Without mentioning Israel or his Jewish identity, Horowitz found himself in a frightening situation where he was physically assaulted and threatened to leave.

Horowitz pointed out the diverse profile of the protesters, ranging from fresh-faced students to older participants, including an imam. He emphasized the interconnectedness of anti-Israel and anti-American sentiments, asserting that those who despise America often share similar feelings toward Israel. Amid the chaos, campus police and NYPD were seen escorting Horowitz away, although he criticized their handling of the situation as merely following orders without addressing the root problem.

Expressing concern over rising antisemitism at protests nationwide, Horowitz condemned the tolerance and coddling of aggressive demonstrators by officials. He demanded immediate action to curb the violence and restore order, following troubling incidents like a Michigan rally chanting ‘Death to Israel, death to America.’ In light of his injuries from the assault, Horowitz emphasized the need for urgent intervention to prevent further harm.

The filmmaker warned against the dangerous ideologies fueling the protests, equating the situation to a warning sign akin to ‘a canary in the coal mine.’ He highlighted the destructive nature of those seeking to upend societal norms, viewing the US and the West as their primary targets, with Israel becoming a mere decoy in their radical agenda.

Despite the harrowing experience, Horowitz remained resolute in his critique of the system permitting such violence to thrive. Ending his video statement with a staunch defense of American values, he characterized the attackers as ‘thugs’ and ‘animals’ driven by a deep-seated animosity towards the country. The incident prompted inquiries to the protest organizers and CUNY for their responses.


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