House Democrats Urge Columbia University to Remove Anti-Israel Camps

House Democrats Urge Columbia University to Remove Anti-Israel Camps

Nearly two dozen House Democrats, led by Reps. Josh Gottheimer and Dan Goldman, have demanded Columbia University’s Board of Trustees to either disband the anti-Israel encampments or resign. The Democrats highlighted the harassment faced by Jewish students due to the encampments, emphasizing that freedom of speech does not include harassment.

The group expressed concern that the encampments violated the university’s obligations to protect students from discrimination and intimidation. The encampments were set up by anti-Israel protesters in response to the Israel-Hamas war, leading to disruptive protests on campus.

Over 100 Columbia students have been arrested for disobeying authorities during rallies. The university had to switch to hybrid learning due to tensions on campus. Negotiations with the protesters broke down, prompting the Democrats to cite Title VI and insist on immediate action from the university.

The Democrats called for the encampments to be disbanded to ensure student safety and comply with federal discrimination laws. They criticized the protesters for refusing to reach a reasonable agreement, continuing to disrupt campus activities.

Since the encampments were established, reports of antisemitic incidents have emerged, drawing condemnation from the White House and politicians. The presence of offensive signs and chants has sparked outrage and calls for accountability.

Columbia University President Minouche Shafik faced criticism for the institution’s inaction. While some Republicans demanded her resignation and federal intervention, left-leaning lawmakers visited the campus in support of the protests.

The Democrats, along with other lawmakers, urged the university’s Board of Trustees to take decisive action. If trustees fail to act, they should step down to uphold the university’s legal obligations. The demand for immediate resolution underscores the seriousness of the situation.

Columbia University declined to comment on the matter, leaving the fate of the encampments and the campus environment uncertain. The ongoing conflict between free speech and student safety continues to challenge the university community, prompting calls for accountability and resolution.


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