Chaos Unfolds: Filmmaker Attacked by Protesters at CUNY Campus

Chaos Unfolds: Filmmaker Attacked by Protesters at CUNY Campus

One New Yorker recently experienced a shocking and violent confrontation on a college campus simply for waving an American flag. Ami Horowitz, a filmmaker known for his investigative work, found himself in the midst of chaos at CUNY’s City College of New York when anti-Israel protesters turned aggressive towards him.

Horowitz, who arrived at the pro-Palestinian encampment with only an American flag, was swiftly attacked by a mob of protesters. Despite not provoking them verbally, Horowitz was subjected to physical violence, including being headbutted and punched. His cameraman captured the unsettling scene on video, highlighting the tense atmosphere on the campus.

Speaking exclusively to The Post, Horowitz expressed shock at the level of violence he faced for carrying the flag. The incident showcased a disturbing trend where expressing patriotic symbols can lead to hostility and aggression.

The filmmaker, known for exposing issues in higher education, aimed to shed light on the deep-seated hatred within the encampments. However, he encountered more than he anticipated, facing assaults from contrasting groups within the protest.

Despite not making any remarks about Israel or his Jewish identity, Horowitz was met with hostility and threats to leave. The incident left him frightened and overwhelmed, as the situation escalated rapidly.

Horowitz emphasized the intertwined nature of anti-Israel and anti-American sentiments, describing them as two sides of the same coin. He highlighted the alarming connection between those who harbor animosity towards America and Israel, suggesting a shared ideological ground.

The filmmaker’s experience at CUNY underscored the volatile atmosphere present on college campuses, where political tensions can erupt into physical altercations. The video capturing the assault on Horowitz raised concerns about the protection of free expression and the right to peaceful protest.

Following the incident, Horowitz called for a crackdown on violent demonstrators who incite hatred and pose a threat to public safety. He criticized the leniency shown towards those promoting anti-Israel and anti-American rhetoric, advocating for swift action to restore order.

The escalation of tensions at CUNY reflects a broader concern about rising antisemitism and political polarization in academic settings. Calls for universities to address such issues more effectively have amplified, urging authorities to intervene and prevent further unrest.

Horowitz, after receiving medical treatment for his injuries, bravely spoke out against the hateful actions directed at him. His ordeal serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding civil discourse and respecting differing viewpoints on college campuses.

As the fallout from the altercation continues, questions arise about the boundaries of peaceful protest and the need to safeguard individuals’ rights to express their beliefs without fear of violence or intimidation. The incident at CUNY serves as a stark example of the challenges faced in navigating ideological divides and upholding democratic values in a diverse society.

The Post reached out to protest organizers and CUNY for their response to the incident, seeking further insights into the circumstances surrounding the altercation and the measures being taken to address such violent confrontations.


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