Musician Outraged as Delta Allegedly Smashes Her Guitar

Musician Outraged as Delta Allegedly Smashes Her Guitar

Move over, Pete Townshend! Delta Airlines has been accused of ‘purposefully’ smashing a musician’s Martin acoustic guitar. The musician, Madi Diaz, 37, was shocked to find her instrument’s splintered remains in its hard case after her flight.

In a tweet, Diaz expressed devastation over her 20-year-old guitar’s damage, urging @Delta to be held accountable. She shared a video showcasing the broken guitar, highlighting the memories she associated with it, like touring with Harry Styles. The singer described the incident as ‘unfathomable’ and ‘completely unfixable.’

Diaz revealed that the guitar, a companion through college dorm rooms and stages with Harry Styles, held sentimental value, with ‘Medicine’ lyrics by Styles attached, now in tatters. The singer lamented the loss of 20 years’ worth of memories and heartbreaking damage caused by carelessness.

Reacting to the incident, users echoed Diaz’s dismay, questioning how such destruction could have occurred. Fellow singer Jamie Floyd emphasized the importance of the guitar to Diaz’s livelihood, urging Delta to ‘make this right.’

Delta Airlines responded to Diaz’s complaints, offering apologies for the delay in their response and inviting her to further communication in a private message. The airline issued a public statement expressing regret for the instrument damage and promising to work with Diaz’s team to resolve the issue.

The Post reached out to both Delta and Diaz for additional comments on the incident, eliciting interest in further details surrounding the guitar’s destruction and the airline’s restitution efforts. The situation has sparked conversations about the responsibility of airlines to safeguard passengers’ belongings and highlights the emotional attachment individuals have to their musical instruments.

As the story continues to unfold, the music community awaits the resolution between Diaz and Delta Airlines, underscoring the value of accountability and care when handling passengers’ possessions during air travel.


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