Tragic FDNY Loss: Budget Cuts Lead to Firefighter’s Fatal Heart Attack

Tragic FDNY Loss: Budget Cuts Lead to Firefighter's Fatal Heart Attack

A tragic story unfolds as Derek Floyd, a dedicated firefighter, passes away at 36 due to a heart attack, just months after the city let him go to allocate funds for the migrant crisis. Floyd, a veteran who had served in the Marines and completed multiple tours in the Middle East, was fired alongside a group of fire department employees on ‘long-term duty.’ After suffering a heart attack in 2019, he was working in a desk job at the fire department chaplain’s office, assisting in arranging funerals for fallen colleagues.

Despite his efforts to return to active duty, Floyd was dismissed before he could secure additional medical benefits and death benefits exceeding $600,000 for his family. His widow, Cristine, lamented the financial strain his firing caused, plunging the family into debt and robbing them of crucial support. With his dismissal, Floyd took a job with a nonprofit that aids veterans, but the pay cut and demanding hours created additional challenges for the family.

The impact of Floyd’s untimely death has sparked outrage among his colleagues and community members. The decision to let him go, leading to personal and financial hardships for his family, has been criticized as unnecessary and unjust. The Uniformed Firefighter Association president, Andrew Ansbro, expressed dismay over the city’s actions, highlighting Floyd’s importance within the department and the repercussions of cutting essential staff.

Cristine shared the emotional toll of witnessing her husband’s struggles post-firing, emphasizing the profound loss and difficulties they have faced. Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh pledged to explore avenues of support for the grieving family, recognizing the challenges they now confront.

As the community mourns the loss of Derek Floyd, efforts to aid his family are underway. Donations can be made to the ‘New York Firefighters Foundation,’ directed to FF Derek Floyd C/O UFA – NYFFinc 204 E. 23rd St., New York, NY 10010. Despite the tragedy, the memory of Derek Floyd’s dedication and sacrifice will endure, serving as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by those who selflessly serve their communities.


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