Breaking News: Fifth Victim Found in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Breaking News: Fifth Victim Found in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Divers conducting search operations at the wreckage site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, have successfully recovered a fifth body. The recovery was made by salvage teams, who located a missing construction vehicle in the Patapsco River, as reported by FOX 5 Washington DC.

The victim was identified as Miguel Angel Luna Gonzalez, a 49-year-old resident of Glen Burnie. Colonel Roland L. Butler, Jr., the Superintendent of the Maryland Department of State Police, expressed dedication to the ongoing recovery efforts and extended condolences to the families affected by the tragedy in a recent press release.

This grim discovery follows the collapse of the Key Bridge, caused by the Sri Lanka-bound Dali container ship striking it on March 26, resulting in the deaths of six workers. The Unified Command, overseeing the recovery operation, enlisted the help of multiple agencies, including the Maryland State Police Department’s underwater recovery team and the FBI.

The efforts to retrieve the recovered victim from the water were challenging but successful, highlighting the collaborative response of various entities involved in the operation. As the investigation continues, it is crucial to recognize the human aspect behind each number, with Colonel Butler emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the personal connection each missing individual has with their loved ones.

Previously, a fourth body was retrieved from the site on April 15, adding to the somber toll of lives lost in this tragic incident. The night of March 26 saw the dramatic rescue of two workers from the water, while six others were unfortunately declared missing, with subsequent recovery operations aiming to bring closure to the affected families.

While the recovery of the fifth body marks a significant step forward in the aftermath of the Key Bridge collapse, it also serves as a solemn reminder of the toll disasters can take on individuals and communities. As authorities continue their work, the recovery and identification of victims remain a top priority, illustrating the resilience and dedication of those involved in the ongoing efforts to address this heartbreaking event.


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