Iranian College Waives Fees for U.S. Students Expelled Over Protests

Iranian College Waives Fees for U.S. Students Expelled Over Protests

An Iranian college is extending a surprising offer to US students expelled for participating in anti-Israel protests. Shiraz University, located in Fars, has announced free tuition for these students, labeling them as ‘our people’ who would back Iran in a potential conflict with America. The proposal was put forth by Mohammad Moazzeni, the university’s head, during a televised discussion on the recent surge of protests at US college campuses.

The move from Shiraz University coincided with a significant police operation in New York City, resulting in over 280 arrests of anti-Israel demonstrators at Columbia University and City College of New York campuses. Mayor Eric Adams attributed the mayhem to ‘outside agitators’ attempting to influence students.

Similar disturbances have spread across American universities, with instances of riot police employing tear gas to quell violence at the University of California, Los Angeles. Meanwhile, a University of Tehran professor expressed delight at the student uprisings in the US, suggesting that these protesters would support Iran in case of a conflict between the two nations.

Foad Izadi, a University of Tehran professor, asserted that American protesters are considered ‘our people’ and anticipated their backing for Iran if tensions escalate further. Izadi highlighted the significance of the protests, mentioning that they could lead to reduced US support for Israel.

Moreover, he emphasized that the Iranian state’s involvement was pivotal in advancing the Palestinian cause, hinting at the crucial role Iran plays in upholding resistance. Izadi encouraged continued activism beyond demonstrations, expressing that without Iran’s support, the Palestinian cause might have faltered long ago.

The scenes at US universities have been intense, with defiant protesters at Columbia University breaking into Hamilton Hall and erecting barricades, while at UCLA, demonstrators stood behind barriers in a standoff with law enforcement officers. These demonstrations follow a concerning trend of anti-Israel encampments appearing on college campuses nationwide.

In light of the ongoing protests, it’s clear that tensions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have deeply resonated within academic institutions. As these events unfold, various universities are grappling with the repercussions of student activism and the wider implications of political movements on campus life.


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