Emotional Support Alligator Wally Kidnapped in Odd Prank

Emotional Support Alligator Wally Kidnapped in Odd Prank

An internet-famous pet alligator went missing in Georgia during a visit with friends, leaving his owner, Joie Henney, devastated and pleading for assistance. Joie shared an emotional plea on social media after realizing his prized alligator, Wally, was taken from the enclosed area they were staying at. Wally, known for his presence as an emotional support animal, was snatched in the early hours of the morning, prompting Joie to reach out for help.

Joie Henney, who fondly refers to himself as ‘Wally-gator’s dad,’ rescued Wally in 2015 when the gator was just 14 months old. Wally played a crucial role in Joie’s life, aiding him during his struggles with depression following the loss of several close friends. Their bond was so strong that even Joie’s doctor recognized Wally as an emotional support animal.

Described as a gentle giant, Wally has never displayed aggression towards anyone and was attuned to people’s emotions according to Joie. The alligator’s social media profiles are filled with heartwarming images and videos of individuals interacting with him in a tender manner, highlighting the unique relationship between Wally and his owner.

Devastated by Wally’s disappearance, Joie shared his belief that the culprits might have used Wally to play a prank on unsuspecting residents. The alligator was later found near a home, prompting a concerned individual to report the sighting. Authorities intervened, capturing the gator and relocating it to a distant area, but it remains uncertain whether this gator was, indeed, Wally.

In a peculiar turn of events, it was revealed that alligators are prohibited as pets in Georgia, shedding light on the legalities surrounding Wally’s ownership. However, Pennsylvania, where Joie and Wally reside, does not impose regulations on alligator ownership, allowing for the unique companionship to flourish.

Joie expressed Wally’s exceptionalism, emphasizing that his alligator is incomparable to others. With Wally’s whereabouts still unknown, the quest to reunite this extraordinary emotional support alligator with his loving owner continues amidst the mystery surrounding his disappearance.


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