North Carolina Refuge Miracle: Rescued Bear Cub Thrives!

North Carolina Refuge Miracle: Rescued Bear Cub Thrives!

A black bear cub, ripped from a tree by individuals seeking selfies earlier this month, is now flourishing at an animal refuge center in North Carolina. The orphaned bruin has been under the vigilant care of a dedicated team at the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge for two weeks, showing remarkable resilience and even making a new companion.

Following a period of adjustment, the cub was introduced to another orphaned cub already at the refuge. Both cubs are doing exceptionally well, eating properly, engaging with enrichment activities, and displaying typical behaviors for young bears.

The adorable bear cub, traumatized by the selfie incident, is on a positive trajectory under the refuge’s care. Images of the healthy and thriving cub give hope for its eventual return to the wild, as expressed by Savannah Trantham, the refuge’s executive director.

Trantham mentioned, ‘Our team has high hopes for releasing them as wild bears when the time is right.’ The cub was brought to the sanctuary on April 16, the same day the distressing video of individuals forcibly removing bear cubs from a tree went viral.

The heart-wrenching footage depicted the group grabbing the frightened cubs, posing with them, and even mishandling one, leading to chaotic scenes. Two of the cubs managed to flee to safety, leaving the third behind, which was later taken to the refuge for care.

While the incident stirred emotions of frustration and anger in many, it shed light on the challenges wildlife face daily. Surprisingly, the inappropriate actions of the group may have inadvertently saved the cub’s life, given their prolonged abandonment.

Experts noted that the cubs appeared neglected and possibly unsupervised for some time before the rescue. This prompted the wildlife refuge to intervene, providing a safe haven for the orphaned cub with intentions of reintroducing it to the wild in the future.

Trantham emphasized the importance of wildlife being left undisturbed in their natural habitats whenever possible. Despite the necessity of rescue efforts, the ultimate goal remains ensuring animals grow up under their mothers’ care in the wild.

As for the individuals involved in the disturbance, they were cautioned by Wildlife Resources Commission officers but faced no charges. Trantham noted the significance of not interfering with wildlife, even if young animals appear unaccompanied.

She stated, ‘It’s common for baby animals to be away from their mothers temporarily during spring and summer. Many wildlife mothers leave their young in safe spots while they gather food, returning when necessary. It’s vital to trust in nature’s wisdom as wild mothers typically know best.’


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