Trump Cheers as NYPD Disbands Anti-Israel Rallies at Universities

Trump Cheers as NYPD Disbands Anti-Israel Rallies at Universities

Former President Donald Trump commended the NYPD as “New York’s finest” for swiftly handling the situation at Columbia University and City College of New York, where anti-Israel protesters had gathered.

President Trump, speaking at a campaign rally in Wisconsin, described the protesters as “raging lunatics and Hamas sympathizers” and praised the police for their efficient response. He highlighted how the NYPD cleared out the demonstrators in just two hours, restoring order to the campuses engulfed in chaos.

Trump vividly recounted the police’s actions, mentioning officers climbing ladders to access occupied buildings and commending their bravery in facing unknown dangers behind broken windows. The former president expressed admiration for the NYPD’s professionalism and effectiveness in handling the situation.

During the operation, approximately 300 protesters were arrested by the NYPD, underscoring the scale of the demonstration and the police’s commitment to restoring peace and order.

The incident at Columbia University unfolded as part of the protesters’ opposition to Israel’s conflict with Hamas. The demonstrators had taken over buildings on the campuses, prompting a swift response from law enforcement to reclaim control of the premises.

This event marked a pivotal moment in the ongoing tensions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and sparked discussions about the limits of peaceful protests on college campuses.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s rally in Wisconsin served as a platform to address various issues, including his ongoing legal battles in New York City. Trump criticized the legal proceedings against him as “fake cases” and decried the alleged bias and misconduct within the judicial system.

Accusing the court of being a “kangaroo courtroom” and labeling the judge as corrupt, Trump framed the trials as politically motivated attacks orchestrated by his opponents.

Asserting that the legal challenges were not just personal but also an affront to the rights of all Americans, Trump rallied his supporters to view the situation as an assault on constitutional principles.

The former president’s rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin hold strategic significance in the political landscape, with these states playing a key role in the upcoming elections. Recent polls have shown a close race between President Biden and Trump, indicating a competitive electoral landscape in the battleground states.

Michigan and Wisconsin, with their combined 25 electoral votes, are crucial for both candidates to secure victory. The polling data reveals a tight race, highlighting the importance of these states in shaping the electoral outcome.

As the political climate intensifies, Trump’s engagements and legal battles continue to draw attention, underscoring the significance of his actions and statements in shaping public opinion and the electoral narrative.


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