NJ Scandal: Dad Pushes Son to Deadly Treadmill Exercise

NJ Scandal: Dad Pushes Son to Deadly Treadmill Exercise

A tragic incident has shaken the community of Ocean County, New Jersey, as details emerge surrounding the death of 6-year-old Corey Micciolo. The boy’s father, Christopher Gregor, stands accused of subjecting Corey to a bruising treadmill workout that ultimately led to his demise.

The harrowing series of events began on April 2, 2021, when Corey returned from a visit with his mother, Breanna Micciolo, and allegedly confessed that his mom had instructed him to lie about being physically harmed by his father. This revelation came just hours before Corey was rushed to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Christopher Gregor, facing charges of murder in connection to his son’s death, claimed that Breanna Micciolo coerced Corey into fabricating stories of abuse. He recounted the heartbreaking moment when Corey expressed reluctance to be with his mother, fearing separation from his father, and disclosed being coached to lie.

Disturbing surveillance footage captured Gregor forcing Corey to run on a treadmill at a fitness center due to concerns about the boy’s weight. The video depicted Corey struggling to keep up with the machine, falling multiple times as his father pushed him to continue. These distressing images shed light on the intense physical strain Corey endured.

On April 1, Breanna Micciolo noticed bruises on Corey’s body, prompting her to seek medical attention for her son. Tragically, despite her concerns and efforts to ensure Corey’s well-being, he was returned to Gregor in the early hours of April 2. Subsequently, Gregor contacted child protective services, revealing the turmoil preceding Corey’s untimely passing.

Corey’s health rapidly deteriorated, exhibiting symptoms of distress such as slurred speech, stumbling, and vomiting. Gregor rushed his son to a medical center, but Corey succumbed to severe internal injuries, determined to be the cause of his death. The autopsy results confirmed the tragic outcome as sepsis and ruled Corey’s passing a homicide.

As the trial unfolds, contrasting narratives emerge regarding Corey’s fatal injuries. While the defense argues that pneumonia and athletic activities may have contributed to Corey’s condition, prosecutors assert that the treadmill workout orchestrated by Gregor played a pivotal role in the tragedy.

The courtroom drama exposes a tumultuous custody battle between Gregor and Micciolo, underlining the complexities that preceded Corey’s demise. Amidst the legal proceedings, the heart-wrenching loss of a young life serves as a stark reminder of the importance of child welfare and protection.

The community awaits further developments in this poignant case, grappling with the devastating consequences of familial discord and the profound impact of alleged parental misconduct on a vulnerable child. As the trial continues, the quest for justice and accountability remains at the forefront, seeking to address the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding Corey Micciolo’s tragic fate.


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