Wife Begs: Spare Tesla Cliff-Plunge Doctor from Jail Time!

Wife Begs: Spare Tesla Cliff-Plunge Doctor from Jail Time!

The wife of Dharmesh Patel, a California doctor accused of driving his family off a cliff in a Tesla, emotionally begged prosecutors to drop his attempted murder charges during a courtroom testimony on Thursday. Neha Patel recounted the nightmare of the crash in Redwood City court, highlighting the absence of her husband in their lives for over a year and a half.

Dharmesh Patel faced allegations of driving the family’s Tesla off a 250-foot cliff on January 2, 2023, leading to three counts of attempted murder. Neha Patel, along with their daughter, sustained severe injuries, while their son had minor injuries in the traumatic incident. Despite pleading not guilty to the charges, witnesses reported that Patel’s Tesla did not display any signs of malfunction before the tragic plunge.

During the court proceedings, Neha Patel shared the heart-wrenching words of her young son yearning for his father’s return, questioning, ‘When is daddy coming home? He’s taking so long, and I miss him.’ She also disclosed the psychological struggles her husband faced, including experiencing delusions related to their children being harmed, possibly influenced by external factors like the fentanyl crisis and the Ukraine war.

The defense team presented Dharmesh Patel as a viable candidate for a mental health diversion program, emphasizing his motivation for treatment and willingness to participate. Neha Patel urged the court to consider her husband’s mental health condition, indicating that knowing about his treatable condition alters their perspective and approach to the situation.

In a surprising turn, Neha Patel revealed that her husband, in their 25-year-long marriage, had never shown such disturbing behavior before. She emphasized the importance of her family’s well-being and expressed hopes for a favorable resolution that prioritizes their safety.

California’s pre-trial diversion program offers a potential lifeline for Patel, as successful completion could lead to the dismissal of criminal charges and the expungement of his arrest record. The program targets defendants diagnosed with mental disorders, aiming to provide them with tailored care and rehabilitation to address underlying issues.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the fate of Dharmesh Patel hangs in the balance, with his family advocating for a compassionate approach that considers his mental health challenges. The complexities of the case underscore the importance of understanding and addressing mental health issues within the criminal justice system, paving the way for holistic solutions that prioritize rehabilitation over punishment.


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