British Couple Leaves Careers for Yacht Life in Greece!

British Couple Leaves Careers for Yacht Life in Greece!

A British couple, Laura and Ross Colledge, made a bold decision that many dream of but few dare to pursue. Tired of the daily grind that kept them apart, they left behind their hectic jobs and moved their entire family to a yacht docked in Greece. Their reason? The couple felt their family was becoming too distant, with Ross working long hours that left them feeling like ‘ships in the night,’ as Laura revealed in an interview with What’s the Jam. Ross particularly feared missing out on their children’s crucial growing years due to his demanding job.

The Colledge family had a vision of providing an exciting, adventurous, and non-consumerist upbringing for their children while also catering to their son’s extra educational needs. With one son having ADHD and suspected high-functioning autism, they believed this unconventional lifestyle could offer a unique experience. In a bold move, they decided to remortgage their house, purchase a 2005 Bavaria 42 yacht, and set sail to Greece during the summer of 2019.

Starting their journey in Mykonos, the Colledges navigated through the Aegean and Dodecanese islands before finally settling in the serene Ionian Islands. Laura reminisced about their connection to the ocean, mentioning their past as avid surfers and kayakers in southwest England, which made the sea a natural draw for them. Despite the challenges and unpredictability of sailing life, the family has embraced the nomadic lifestyle wholeheartedly, spending five years exploring the Greek archipelago.

Ross took on the role of the family’s captain, while Laura supported him as the first mate. Beyond their sailing adventures, they also run BoatFit, an online health and fitness platform, and Sailing Holly Blue, a blog chronicling their maritime escapades, some of which involve sailing in the nude. Their two sons, Noah and Josh, continue their education while sailing, with Noah being homeschooled and Josh attending an online secondary school, forming friendships globally.

Looking ahead, the Colledges plan to expand their horizons once they obtain residency in Greece, aiming to venture further afield. While envisioning upgrading to a larger boat as their sons grow, they have already made several modifications to their current vessel, including solar power, lithium-ion batteries, and a watermaker, enabling them to live off-grid and self-sufficiently. Through collaborations with sponsors on social media, they have funded most of their boat’s enhancements.

Despite the challenges of sailing life, Laura highlighted the grounding and transformative impact of being close to nature and at the mercy of the elements. She emphasized that this lifestyle has a way of magnifying the essence of relationships, pushing individuals to confront their true selves and deepen their connections to an extraordinary level. Sailing, with its intensity and constant challenges, serves as a crucible that tests and strengthens bonds, fostering unparalleled respect and admiration among family members aboard the small floating world they call home.


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