Tragedy Strikes: Ex-Miss Ecuador Contestant Fatally Shot

Tragedy Strikes: Ex-Miss Ecuador Contestant Fatally Shot

A tragic incident unfolded in Quevedo, Ecuador, as former Miss Ecuador contestant Landy Párraga Goyburo, 23, was fatally shot by two gunmen in a brazen attack captured on shocking security footage. The beauty queen, who had represented Los Rios in the 2022 Miss Ecuador pageant, was chatting with a man inside a restaurant when the assailants, one of whom dashed towards her, opened fire. In a heartbreaking scene, both Párraga and the man she was conversing with were struck by the gunfire. The second gunman stayed as a guard, and after the ruthless act, both assailants fled the scene, leaving Párraga lifeless on the floor in a pool of blood.

Párraga, hailing from the Los Rios province, had visited Quevedo to attend a wedding, according to local reports. Her life took a dark turn when her name surfaced in a chat between slain drug trafficker Leandro Norero and his accountant, Helive Angulo. In a disturbing revelation during Angulo’s trial, prosecutors disclosed messages where Norero desperately sought to conceal his ties with Párraga, fearing dire consequences if their connection was exposed to his wife or the authorities. Despite this troubling link to the gang leader, Párraga was never criminally charged relating to Norero, who met his end in prison only six months into his incarceration.

While under the scrutiny of the Attorney General’s Office concerning her finances, Párraga maintained her silence on the case and her association with Norero’s organization. The young beauty queen, known for her million-strong social media following and a personal sportswear line, tragically met her end in a senseless act of violence that has shocked the community. Her poignant final Instagram post, shared just days before the tragedy, echoed a profound message: “The world is an echo, what you send into it, you get out of it.” As authorities diligently investigate her murder, the memory of Landy Párraga Goyburo lingers on, a vibrant life cut short in a moment of brutality.


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