Cruise Ship Abandons Elderly Couple, Incites Outrage

Cruise Ship Abandons Elderly Couple, Incites Outrage

Imagine being on a dream cruise vacation, exploring new lands and creating unforgettable memories, only to be stranded on foreign soil by the ship you entrusted your safety to. This nightmare became a harsh reality for Richard Gordon, 84, and his wife Claudene, 81, as Norwegian Cruise Line left them behind in Spain after they missed the ship’s all-aboard time.

The Gordons, celebrating Richard’s 85th birthday with this voyage, were exploring the picturesque city of Grenada when weather delays caused them to arrive late to the Viva cruise ship in Motril. Despite informing a relative onboard and racing to catch up, they watched in dismay as the vessel sailed away without them.

Stranded without essential medication, eyeglasses, and spare hearing aid batteries, the couple’s ordeal worsened as they faced the challenge of rejoining the cruise in Palma de Mallorca. Their daughter, Marilee Baker, worked tirelessly to secure flights and facilitate their reunion with the ship.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s response to the situation has been met with criticism. While the company claims to have made efforts to contact the Gordons, the couple asserts they were left uninformed and isolated for two days after the incident. The cruise line’s spokesperson cited the impact of delayed departures on itineraries, underscoring the importance of punctuality for all guests’ experiences.

This incident is not an isolated one for Norwegian Cruise Line, as similar complaints have surfaced recently. In a previous case, nine passengers, including individuals with special medical needs, were marooned in Africa after missing their ship’s departure time. The company faced backlash but provided some reimbursement for the travelers’ expenses incurred during the ordeal.

While cruise industry norms dictate adherence to schedules, the human aspect of such incidents cannot be overlooked. The emotional toll on passengers left behind, coupled with logistical challenges and safety concerns, calls for a reevaluation of procedures and communication protocols within the industry.

As travelers worldwide dream of embarking on exciting journeys post-pandemic, stories like the Gordons’ serve as cautionary tales of the vulnerabilities faced even in meticulously planned vacations. The need for empathy, responsiveness, and contingency planning in ensuring passenger safety and well-being cannot be overstated, urging cruise lines to prioritize customer care above all else.


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