Japan’s Airport Marks 30 Years, No Lost Luggage Found!

Japan's Airport Marks 30 Years, No Lost Luggage Found!

An airport in Japan has achieved a remarkable milestone that many travelers can only dream of: not losing a single piece of luggage in 30 years! Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Japan recently received the prestigious Skytrax award for the World’s Best Airport for Baggage Delivery in 2024. This recognition underscores the airport’s exceptional track record in handling baggage seamlessly and efficiently.

Established in Osaka in 1994, Kansai International Airport serves millions of passengers every year, ranging from 20 to 30 million travelers annually. The airport’s unwavering commitment to top-notch service has earned it the World’s Best Airport for Baggage Delivery award eight times. This accolade is a result of the airport’s outstanding performance in areas such as wait times for baggage pickup, the speed and accuracy of baggage delivery, and their effective response to lost luggage incidents.

One of the key factors contributing to Kansai Airport’s success in maintaining a zero-lost luggage record is its meticulous approach to baggage handling. The airport’s staff meticulously inspect each bag, cross-referencing the types and quantities of luggage against passenger information. By fostering a culture of ‘multilayered checking work,’ which involves collaborative efforts among multiple staff members to share crucial information and prevent errors, the airport ensures a smooth and error-free baggage handling process.

The airport’s diligence extends to its operational procedures. Kansai International Airport has a comprehensive manual that details regulations specific to each airline, constantly updated to incorporate feedback and suggestions from staff based on their experiences. The airport operator, CKTS, aims to have passengers’ bags ready for collection at the baggage claim area within a swift 15 minutes of the plane’s arrival.

Despite their exceptional achievement, the airport staff remains humble. Kenji Takanishi, a public relations officer at Kansai, mentioned to CNN that the team sees their work as part of their daily routine rather than something extraordinary. Takanishi expressed the staff’s joy at receiving recognition for their dedication and effort, especially those working tirelessly on the ground to ensure the seamless operation of baggage services.

Looking ahead, Kansai airport anticipates a significant increase in passenger traffic during the 2025 fiscal year, with an estimated 37.3 million travelers expected. This surge in numbers is attributed to the upcoming World Expo 2025, a global-innovations forum scheduled to run for six months, drawing visitors from around the world to experience innovations and advancements.

The saga of Kansai International Airport serves as a shining example of dedication, teamwork, and excellence in the realm of airport operations. As they continue their streak of flawless luggage handling, passengers can rest assured that their belongings are in safe hands when flying through this award-winning airport in the Land of the Rising Sun.


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